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    OK so I’m clueless about how to even start a home page which I would like to do…….but how?

    QUIT LAUGHING : ) I’m a nurse not a web designer……

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    First you gotta learn about Html

    Go here i think it well help you alot.

    im gonna tell you how to put picture on your site

    here the html code for putting picture on your homepage
    *copy it and paste it into your html writer

    the bold letter word is the picture address. You can change it to whatever you want.

    if you wanna know how to find out the address for a picture you want.
    Just right-click on the picture and goto Properties and look for where it say address (URL) and just copy the address. and write this code paste the address where it say paste

    Here a eazy one.
    this code make your font move
    Typing any word

    this code make your font glow

    Type any word

    *all the bold word mean you can change to whatever you want.

    and this code mean

    any word = put word or picture in the center
    any word = bold letter
    = beginning of html code = end html code

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)