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    knhom soum quote bro’yoak 1 klea knong athabot mouy dael knhom barn arn online…

    “To the Khmer people, Angkor Wat is more than just an ancient pile of stones, it is more than just the remains of a highly advanced kingdom, it is more than just a tourist attraction – to the Khmers it is a symbol of hope.”

    …Preah Vihea

    besdoung jorb snaeh….min broul brae jea rohote
    min jong robote…kleat chngaiy prort pi sros srey
    oun jea sombat…ak’chhak’ri’yak korb hakrateiy
    koun khmer bros srey…snet metrei krub ongkea

    jea doung proleung…chhor morm reung rorb roy chnam
    tous bak bres sram…kor srey jam krub ve’lea
    das doung jet khmer….oy tor’sou pdo ka’pea
    trov hean bo’jea…..kom oy mea biet bien barn

    oun jea neak toas….dael mean chmous rontir lbei
    neak jit kharng srey…porng louk dai jab koliyan
    york jea kamasith…..pdo chmous pit bong’vaeng darn
    brab os sondan…tha phom phan jea phos keh….

    Joah jet mea euy…..kom porng leuy..min somrach
    koun khmer pdo pdach….min oy dach robes teh
    tous trov ho chheam…kor sou yeam sombat keh
    prous ey kdei snaeh….thom et lhae penh besdoung

    …som sles pon’neng jos.. hope it make sense …khos trov som jouy kae 🙂

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