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    I think today is the worst day in my life ever. I mean the worst. My mom had just called me to tell me that she never ever wants to see my face again. And that from today forward we are no longer mother and daughter. Then she started cursing me in khmer and you know thats the worst, because every meaning sounds so bad. Then she started putting curses on me. Like to get hit by a car and to die painfully. Damn it my life is screwed.The worse part was she had to call me at work and I started to cry and then people at work was like, are you ok? I can hear the harshness in her voice just replaying over and over in my head and its killing me. Has anyone ever been disowned by a family member? How did you feel and how did you handle it? Please share your experiences, it would help a lot, cuz its killing me. Thanks!

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    That’s soOoOOoO sad! *HUGS* i’m so sorry to hear about such a thing…well i myself have got into many fights with my parens, and when i’ve done something really bad, they threaten to leave me =(. But anyways, i don’t think i’ve got cursed by my parents or i’ve heard them tell me. But that’s so harsh, i don’t think you deserve to go through such a thing no matter how bad you’ve been or what you’ve done, the parents should always be there for their offspring through thick and thin.


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    What did you do?

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    what you do to your mom that make her mad at u

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    Sometime parent really don’t mean what they say. Just heat at the moment only. You must do something really bad to make her that upset with you. If I were you for right now. Just let her cool down for a little awhile. Give her time. Then call an apologize to her. It does matter who wrong or right. Blood is thicker then your own pride. So good luck. I hope in future your mom and you can have better relationship

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    Hey Colin as I was reading foods and cooking I thought you said you’re mom past away.This must be your stepmom or something.(just wandering)?

    Anyways My mom told me when I was at the lowest point of my life that. If she knew I was like this I’ll would of kill you when you were a baby. That still hurt today. Parents can be harsh as Hell.

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    Gosh i’m so sorry to hear about your troubles… but like someone said above, parents sometimes say things they don’t mean… it’s like that saying “sometimes the people who bring you so much happiness can also bring you so much pain”… why don’t you wait til her anger has worn off a bit, then talk to her about it… but anyways, why is she mad at you in the first place?

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    Sorry to hear that. No matter what you did…i don’t think that anyone deserves to be disowned. Family is the most important thing in this world cuz “blood is thicker than water”. They are the people who will give us unconditonal love and support. Despite the havoc we create for them they should never turn their backs on us. Family is like the foundation of a house, without it…nothing will hold. Time will heal away the pain. I hope that eventually you’ll come to terms with your mom :)Just remember one thing, DO NOT say things that you’ll regret later cuz…once the words are spoken you can never take them back. Let things cool down b4 you have a chat with her.

    Best Wishes,
    Jessi :)

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    i’m sorry to hear that happen to you. While i don’t think your mom meant what she said, to have her curse you like that is something that gives me second thoughts. in any case, you should lay low for a lil bit and let things settle between you two before you try approaching her with the subject. When you talk, be sure to listen to her side and have her do the same with you. At least both of you will have the benefit of knowing each other’s side before anyone starts talking trash. If, after talking to her, she can’t find the heart to forgive you or to listen to you, then that’s really when you’d have to let it go. I know it’s family and blood and all, but there isn’t a point in fighting for that if there is no chance of you two reconciling. i wish you all the happiness and luck in the world during this ordeal.

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    When it comes to the f u c ked up things in life, you know that i, khmernutz, have been through it all. The worst part about it was that it all happenned at once.
    When i was a sophmore in college, i wanted to rebel from my super conservative mom. I wanted to hang out late with all my buddies, i wanted to go clubbing, i wanted to meet crazy women in bizarre places and have them do nasty things to me. At first, i asked for her permission to hang out late with the guys, but that didnt work. So i stayed out late doing dumb things anyways without her consent. Everytime i come home late at night, my mom would lecture me. the beatings with the wires and shoes stopped after a while, but her discipline lectures didnt. After all, it was for my own good. This late night discipline carried on for weeks.
    Meanwhile, at school met someone i like. That gave me another reason to hang out late. Then i found out she was mentally unstable so i was pushed away. One day in Late February during the rainy El Nino season while all of this was happening, i got into a car accident on my way to ask for donations for the Khmer Unity Games in Long Beach. Later that week, i drove up to Bakersfield about 200 miles North of where i live. After coming down the infamous snow caped Grape Vine on the 5 freeway, may car exploded because the accident i got in earlier cause an oil leak. It cost me $300 bucks to tow my car home through a detour route going through the Mojave desert because the Grape Vine was snow in making it impossible for any vehicle to pass. I got home the next morning. I expected to hear from my mother which i did all day long. It seems her discipline knows no bounds. Fed up, i talk back. I yell back at her. She got angrier. In a fiery rage, she disowned me. I went to my room, grabbed some jeans and a jacket then left the house.
    At that moment in time, i lost someone i really like, i lost my car, i was broke, i was homeless, but worst of all, i lost my mother. Yes, i have hit rock bottom. As a result, i dropped out of college and wondered the streets for days, iving off my friends’ hamburgers and cheetoes. However, i was too ashame, too embarrass to sleep in their houses. I slept under people’s cars in teh parking lot every night for four days.
    Before the end of the week, i was homesick and sick as a result of bad sanitation. I didnt know what to do or where to go. That was when i realized that it was pointless to fight my own mother. However, i was too proud to apologize and ask my mother to take me back. I went to my neighbor and long time friend’s house who told me that my mother hasnt eaten or slept since i left. She too was getting sick. I also learned that she have been walking around the neighborhood every day hoping to find me. When she gets tire, she would go back to the apartment and spend the rest of the day looking out the window hoping she would see me.
    Everyone told me to go home and apologize. I was a stubborn person, i didnt give in easiliy, but eventually, i did. I went home. There sitting behind the door was my mother. She was crying. I fell down to my knees and started crying in front on her. “Mae, kyom som tos,” were the exact for words i said to her. She wrapped me in her arms. I kept on apologizing. In the end, she forgave me. She took me back in. Now i have a mother again. This time, ill never let her go.

    Hey Professor Sody Lay, i know youre reading this though you never write. I hope you understand why i dropped out of your class now. Thank you for helping me get that rental. That was one of the first step in rebuilding my life.


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    To SodaPop,
    Sorry, got ya a little confuse there, when I said my mom died I was referring to my aunt. We call her mom too, cause she did most of the cooking and took care of the kids just like my mom. And my mom always told us that my aunt can replace her because she loves us just like we’re her own kids.

    Thanks for everyone’s input. I took a long walk and thought about it. I should go talk to her, but if you guys would only understand my mom. It’s not that simple. She is so complex, I am so scare to face her. And it was over something so stupid. See my parents are divorced and they dislike each other. They had an arguement and I took my dad’s side, so she does not like me at all right now. I don’t think anything is going to change to how it was before, since my mom is not like any other person. She tends to hate a person or holds a grudge until she dies. I think that’s the end of our relationship.

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    khmernutz.. reading your story..
    it got to me.. im crying my ass off right now..
    reminds me of something. i did wrong..

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    i can relate to some of the stories here. Being disowned is the worst feeling to go through… especially when it comes from your parents… especially from your mom. Tears shed like blood through an open wound… but worst… like salt. Yo Nutz, you got me cry’n too. Brings back memories… reminds me of the song by U2 “with or without you”— i dedicate that to my mom. Buddha bless her.

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    This past week-end my dad told me to get out of his house and never come back

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    I have an apartment, my doors are open for you anytime. :D


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    colin, nothing is more important than blood…you should mend things with your mom… or later on, you will regret it and you will be hurt every time you think about her…i hope everything works out : D

    khamra, your story saddened me…it was very poignant and it brought tears to my eyes…im glad things worked out between you and your mom

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    I want a mom and a dad that will love me always.

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    Khamra: Reading your post

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