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    I ain’t gonna lie
    I live in LOng Beach, CA (KHmer Capital) but damn I miss home
    I came from a smaller Khmer commmunity in the Bronx (Home of Hip-Hop)

    I have CITY blood in me, the subways and buses are my vessels and artilleries
    I miss NYC alot ….

    I was curious if any KCer have ever been to the BIG APPLE?
    Please share ur expereince…tell me about this place call HOME?
    What are like and didn’t like?

    Avatar of soch

    i love wall street around lunch time
    fifth avenue
    rockefeller center when it snows
    the met

    Avatar of malaika

    smelly subways
    and an india guy standing on every corner selling exotic fruits

    romantic meeting at 5pm at the empire state building
    the romance of movies and NYC.

    Avatar of Neesai79

    Love Central Park
    Time square is so beautiful at night
    People playing hand balls n bballs
    Park doesn’t closed
    Chinatown was fun
    Horse carriages riding $50.00?
    Love the hot dogs and pizza
    Transportations was just a wave
    of hand away :D

    Avatar of Deuce

    [i]Originally posted by Box20[/i]
    I was curious if any KCer have ever been to the BIG APPLE?

    Nope. But I wanna go to that Sushi place you were telling me about. Long lines at 2am in the snow? Now that’s serious Sushi!

    Avatar of Box20

    Man…Tomio’s Sushi (On Thompson and Houston) is a trip

    Very good sushi and sashimi…
    I adapted this routine from someone I heard of….
    We would stand on the line for like 45 min. to an 1 hour (just for sushi)
    But there’s the best part..there is a deli across the street, owed an INDIAN man
    I would go in and grap my favorite beer (Sam Adams) and stand on line and drink and talk with ur friends until our table is ready!

    The line LOOOOONG but worst very NY mintue…yeah…man !thanks everyone!

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    I went to NYC 2 summers ago and it was a great experience. Our hotel was scary. there was a peep hole and the elevator felt like a gas chamber. there was no hot water. try showering at 5am in ice cold water. your hair felt like icycles and there were bunk beds. haha…this is what u get when u havev a friend who refused to pay an extra 20 dollars.

    The first night we were there it rained and we all ran in the rain to our hotel room. it was a warm rain. I was suprised that none of us got sick from it.

    People were friendly and we saw all the tourist attractions in two days. it was the fastest two days of my life. the ferry ride to the statue of liberty was rocky, sticky, windy, salty, but at the same time very fun and i wouldn’t mind doing it again.

    Seeing ground zero was very emotional.

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    I wouldn’t mind waiting an hour for sushi either, aslong as it is worth it.

    Avatar of Box20

    You have my word !!

    Maybe we should do GROUP trip..I trying to go home in the summer (July or September)
    who’s down?

    It’ll be a lot for fun …
    you get to see NYC through my cambodian lens….in other words lots of trips to my moms for PROHOK and then subway back to a bar for drinks until the sun raises !

    Avatar of rnorin

    Here is a short list of what I missed about the City:
    1. living in my noisy cardboard box size loft in the Upper East Side.
    2. taking a stinky, no a/c, overcrowded Lexington Ave. train to the job that I hate on Wall St.
    3. going to my favorite Chinese beef jerky shop on Mulberry St. and Chinese dumpling shop on Katherine St.
    4. hunting for designer bargain at Century 21 (both downtown and Brooklyn),Loehmann’s in the Bronx and Woodbury Common in upstate.
    5. buying bagels from Tal Bagel(E. 86th between 1st and 2nd Ave)
    6. ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park.
    7. Hanging out every night for 2 weeks at Flushing Meadow watching the US Open.
    8. Grocery shopping at Zabar.
    9. Hanging out every Sunday at the Guggenheim, Whitney, Met or MOMA.
    10. and lastly spending time at my 3 best friends: Barney’s, Bergdorf and Bloomie.

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