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    I feel like to eat Nom Banh Chheov this weekend arrives in, because its a wonderful weather and its so clear. Im going to make Banh Chheov and Molson Canadian for a whole day of weekend!!!

    you all are invited!!!

    Please show me the Recipe how to do it!!!!


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    I was planning on making some for my babe tomorrow too. (measurements may not be exact, just my guesstimates)

    1lb ground pork or quail (or shrimp or chicken, whatever you’d like)
    1 onion, chopped
    3 cloves of garlic, minced
    2tbspn fish sauce
    1tbspn sugar
    1tspn msg (optional)
    salt to taste
    one pack of yellow mung beans (also optional)
    bean sprouts
    crepe mix

    1/4cup fish sauce
    1/4cup sugar
    1/8cup vinegar
    1/2 hot water
    couple cloves of garlic
    toasted peanuts

    chili peppers

    My mum likes mung beans in her banh chao but I don’t. For those that do, soak the mung beans in water overnite. Before cooking it, rinse. Proceed to cook as you would with rice, then pound it with a mortar and pestle.
    Sauté minced garlic, chopped onions and choice of meat in a little oil. Add fish sauce, sugar, msg, salt. Once cooked, you can stir in the mung bean. As much or as little as you’d like.

    Mix crepe batter. I use packaged mix that I get from the market. It comes in a pack with flour, and a little pouch of turmeric. Mix according to directions on package. You could make your own batter, but this saves a lot of time.

    Now, get your skillet hot, then lower it to medium heat so you don’t burn your crepes. Spray it with some non-stick spray. Pour some of the crepe batter into the pan. I use a ladle for measuring, one ladel filled is enough. Coat the pan with the batter, be quick. Spoon some of the meat mixture into the center of the crepe, as well as some bean sprouts and cover the pan with a lid. You want to cook the crepe a bit, a minute or two. Once the edges of the crepe have begun to crisp a bit, fold one side over. The crepe should slide right off the skillet once cooked.
    I usually cook a bunch and I like to separate the banh chao with pieces of foil so they don’t stick to one another.

    Onto the sauce. I’m sure people may have their preferences, but I like my mum’s tirk trey phaem. It’s like one part fish sauce, one part sugar, two parts water and a bit of vinegar with some garlic clove slices. That’s how my mum has taught me lol… But I tried to guesstimate the measurements for you because like I’ve stated in the past, I just eyeball everything. Basically dissolve the sugar in a mix of hot water and fish sauce, then add the vinegar and garlic. I usually have some at all times because I make and store this. Add crush toasted peanuts to the sauce, and chili peppers/sriracha for a kick.

    Wash and prepare the cucumber, lettuce & mint.

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    Omg Linnnie,

    I read it thn I can not remember all those stuffs that your wrote them down. because they are so complicated nasssssssss. I changing my mind now. maybe Im going to buy a few of them in China town instead.

    I just want to safe my a lil free time…BBQ Chicken Wings is much better than that…Serving wit Cognac and Molson Canadian.
    Dont you think , do you!!

    I thank you so much for explain its recipe!!!


    hoja…will you come over to have a few shots of Cognac wit KimPirun!!!

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    Never tired making it! However, had some for dinner! My sister in-law made it. It was yummy in my tummy!:)

    Please, GOD be with ME!:)
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    Wow!!! please informing to your sister in-law teach me how to make it…
    I should to get a wife who knows how to make many style of khmer dishes and Desert as well..

    [i]Originally posted by precious_rose[/i]
    Never tired making it! However, had some for dinner! My sister in-law made it. It was yummy in my tummy!:)

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