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    no, not the raving drug… but the vitamin. Research suggests taht vitamin E may help reduce the risk of heart disease as well as certain cancers. However, surveys show most people dont get enough E, and experts are divided as to whether supplements help. WHat should you do? As long as you watch your weight, it cant hurt to try adding these leading natural sources to the menu… or your noodles.

    Canola, corn, soybean or sunflower oils: 1 tbsp=8-12 mg of E (dont drink)
    Kale: 1 cup cooked= 7mg

    Sweet potato: 5 oz= 5mg
    Wheat germ: 1oz=4 mg…not to be confused with Anthrax.

    almonds or hazelnuts: 1 oz =4 mg… for the ladies: nuts of any nature is good for you. I have free samples.

    Spinach: 1 cup cooked =4 mg… Go ask Popeye!
    Lima beans: 1 cup=3-6 mg Go ask Jack and make sure you dont climb his “bean stalk”

    Salad dressing 1 tbsp=3-5 mg
    ASS paragus: 4 oz cooked= 3 mg… something the gay community gets a lot of.
    Blueberries: 1cup= 3mg… something the “horny but cant get any” community gets a lot of. Recommendation, rent some porn and get your freak on by yourself. :)

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    Save more. Consume Less.
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