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    Viet cong on the left side and Khmer Rouge as the demon on the Right side.

    Khmer writing on the Poster say: People without religion are evil. They are the enemy and must be destroyed

    agree or disagree?

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    [i]Originally posted by ——[/i]

    Khmer writing on the Poster say: [b]People without religion are evil. They are the enemy and must be destroyed[/b]

    agree or disagree?

    No, people who don’t think for themselves, have no empathy for others, only care for power & profit for themselves, and like to see people, especially ones who are different, suffer are evil.

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    The dude who created that poster is evil.

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    Communism is evil if without empathy or understand the basic of human need. Communism with compassion is not evil because it understand people’s need. Communism can be bad or evil. If they over done the situation it is bad. Just because a person without religion that doesn’t mean he is without a heart, a heart to love, a heart to care. When a small child just learn how to walk, he is without religion but he is a good human being, laughing and crying normally. So the drawing’s message can be very wrong. A 3 yr old child don’t know or have any religion. He is without religion. But he is not a bad human being.

    Notice: Pol Pot is a religious and moral man. Nice and polite person. He was boorsed as a monk in the early life. Then how come he lost his morality and replaced with Maoist doctrine and got brain washed into hating the rich between the poors. Wrong. Budha have compassion on the poor too. VC had no religion to beggin with, but now they are a little more easier.



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    I disagree. It is very politically driven. It is not the Buddha’s power to destroy people. He stands for Peace and Enlightenment. He is an icon. When people see His presence, they should come to their awakening and do things that are beneficial where loving kindness is the core reason. Karma is the one that is the judger of all, make no difference if one is the most revered of monks or the mightiest of kings. Karma will level everybody. Religion is not enforced. To do so is propaganda. At the same time, one must understand the importance of religion as well. There is no clear-cut line, only a blur grey one.

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