Is Cambodian government getting worst?

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    The video gets me so mad!! It’s so sad how other countries can just come along and buy our land and build whatever they want on it. The Cambodian government just sitting back and allowing it to happen. They say it’s to improve the economy of Cambodia. Do we really believe this?

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    i dont agree how they are handling the issue, but sometime you have to get rid of old and build new.

    whatever they will build will pave more jobs for khmer people and thus increasing their income.

    Example: keep an old building that people have squatted on since the day after the khmer rouge or turn that area into a business and relocate the family with the appropiate amt for their property worth.

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    Cambodia is getting worse. According to the 2010 Guiness Book Srok Khmer had the highest home ownership in the world. That is gone now. Thanks to land grabbing. At least we owned the land before.

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