Keo Sreyneang & Sok Sophear’s new TV series!!!

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    Kinda funny I am telling you guys this since most Khmers don’t watch tv series in Khmer!!! But anyways…
    There are Khmer tv series but it never makes it to USA cuz no one watches it.

    They both have a tv series out together that is right more of Sok Sophear, as you all know he is in Faisamang’s “Tum Tiev” also this 2003. It is airing in Cambodia right now. Srey Neang is his second leading lady.

    He will be the Tor ake pro and Neang is Tor ake srey. It is a pretty huge budget for a Khmer tv series ($60,000 US dollars), considering most Khmer tv series nowadays cost under $1000 to make and most look cheap. Anyways it better be out on DVD here in USA cuz if its on Vhs no one will watch it. It’s 12 parts long also. And Srey Neang looks pretty on the cover, she has layered brownish hair. Don’t know the storyline but it is something Punishment of Love. Also don’t know the company but probably Hang Meas. Type a modern drama w/some comedy in it too.

    Check it out soon!!

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    Hard to believe, finally we hear about a Khmer television series. I think it will come out on DVD, when was the last time we saw anything Khmer on VHS? I think it’ll be cheaper for the production company to put it out on DVD. 🙂

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    the last i think was “Love in Pailin”…which was good!

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    well, the summary is something like this , it about Keo Sreyneang & Sok Sophear’s are lover but due to sok being poor keo’s family disapprove of him . keo’s family want her to marry dis guy who have a job as a motorbike taxis ? well, anyhow sok have dis other girl dat love him and she envy sok and keo being together so the evil girl found all sort of way to break them apart.. The evil girl den trick keo to go to phem phom but really the evil girl is like a pimp or something the village always wonder why she make so many trip to phem phom hahhaa well the evil girl like sell keo to the whore house ect ect ect …

    o’ here some pic i got from the summary .

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    Where are the pictures? Can you post them once again? thanx!

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    okay I might have read the numbers wrong in Khmer and English cuz the series is not that expensive to make. Anyways it is already out on tape 5 tapes long, didn’t watch it yet but will soon.

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    I watch it last week its only has five parts to it…I hate the ending…Over all its a good serie but its mostly talks bout condom…for example they have comments like did u use a comdom when u have sex, stuf like that

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    aww I hope it’s going to be good!! Can’t wait until I watch it!

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