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    Khao-I-Dang Khmer refugee camp was located 20 Km north of Aranyaprathet in Prachinburi (now Sakeo) province Thailand.


    Khao-I-Dang was the oldest and most enduring camp on the border. It opened Nov. 21, 1979 and closed in 1992 during the UNTAC repatriation when all remaining residents were moved to Site II to await their personal repatriation.

    During its peak period, 1979-1985, KID was sometimes the equivalent of Site II in population but the population was in flux and transit, some going to third countries, some only seeking shelter until they could see what the future would bring.

    KID became a unique camp on the border, it was the only camp not controlled by one of the resistance factions, it was a UNHCR / Thai MOI camp, its residents were recognised as “Refugees” and were entitled to a higher level of protection, care and nutrition than people in the UNBRO administered camps (not a criticism of UNBRO, the Thais ultimately decided what UNBRO was allowed to do). KID was also the only camp whose residents were eligible for resettlement in third countries.

    Information from:

    Save more. Consume Less.

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    Hey! thank you very much DemRaw for putting up those informations about

    I was born there and I didn’t have that much information about where I born.
    I was always wondering what it was look like and what kind of life that people have there.

    thank you again!

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    Many cambodian and Vietnamese were beaten and raped in those refugee camps in Thailand

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    cool, thanks for sharing this. i remember reading about this camp in the novel “When Broken Glass Floats”. (good book)

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    My most vivid memory was seeing a teenage girls get her arse beat until she sh|tted her sarong. Shw was hiding thai money from the soilders by hiding it in her shoe. Since the money has a portriat of the king on it, it was a big insult to the Thai king. She got her arse beat so bad, I can still smell the shiet till this day. And that was 17 years ago.

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    What about a map of the area? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where we lived. Like our neighbors, playgrounds, etc.

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    There was another refugee called Sakeo too, right? Well, i always thought it was Sra-Keo. But I supposed it may be Sakeo?

    Does anybody has information on this camp?

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    Great! someone had just inflamed me with more hatred with the Thai… dam… one fokken day…

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    [i]Originally posted by movesuper[/i]
    Many cambodian and Vietnamese were beaten and raped in those refugee camps in Thailand

    My mom and dad has seen this happened. And it was a digusting…some were not given the right amount of food too. Sad…women were raped right in front of your eyes. Ewe…

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    I was born there, but my family and I wasn’t there long at all. Thank you for posting this up. I never knew or remembered anything about Kao-I-Dang. Thanks again. I really learned something new. This really have help me to understand more about where I’m from.

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    I was born in Khao-I-Dang.
    My father said that Prachinburi(Sakeo) province once belonged to Cambodia.
    For the US gov. I was born in Cambodia. If I put down I was born in Thai, the Thai gov. wont count me as their citizen.
    It doesn’t matter anymore cause I am a US citizen.

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    Thank you for posting this thread up.

    I have an opportunity to look for my Khmer teacher. His name is Lok Krou Pha. I don`t remember his family name. He was my Khmer teacher during my three years in the KID camp. He left KID to a third country, I don`t know which country he left to and I never got a chance to say goodbye.

    The date I was sick, I couldn`t get up and walked to class, Lok Krou Pha came to help me to get up and gave me one orange and said to me in two words with a smile on his face which I never forget his smile until today. I still have a Khmer reading book “We read = Yeung Ann” which Lok Krou Pha gave to me in the KID camp.
    I`m able to read, write and speak a Khmer language today because of Lok Krou Pha.
    I loved him and I wanted to thank him again for helping me in the KID camp.

    I lived three years in Khao I Dang Camp (1980-1982), Group 57C, Section 8, PO Box 11360, Bangkok.

    If any chance Lok Krou Pha read my post, please email me: [email protected]

    I`d like to hear from Lok Krou again. Thank you.

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    I lived in sakeo I (I remember everyone shit in a tent), sakeo II ( this got nice house and community built for this camp- the same as chunburi and trong-sit. kao-i-dang if i remembered, was the worst refugee place i ever been unfortunate enough to transfered there.

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    Thank you, DemRaw, for info. on KID.

    I’ve been looking for pictures from KID. I would be grateful if you could share any picture from KID.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hey Rumtum, maybe we were neighbor. I only remember the area, not the section and stuff where I lived.

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    wow thanks for the info bout my birth place

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    [i]Originally posted by moonsite[/i]
    Hey Rumtum, maybe we were neighbor. I only remember the area, not the section and stuff where I lived.

    Hello moonsite !

    The section number 8 where I lived I can see the Thai army camp and the Thai soldiers walking around in their camp so clearly. Everynight, I heard the gunfire from the fence, and in the morning I saw the Khmers died like animals near the fence and some of them were captured by the Thai soldiers.
    I never forget the KID camp where my loved one was shot to death by the Thai soldier, because she wanted to across to the Thai village near by to buy some food. I was very very angry with the Thai soldiers.

    If you still have a good memory, do you remember in April 1980, how many Khmers were taken by the Thai soldiers from the KID camp to the Srah Keo number 2 and to the Pananikhom camp?

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    I use to live in KID. I was 11 years-old than, and selling cigarette in front of the Hospital everyday where the power station was located.

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    [i]Originally posted by Rathlay[/i]
    I use to live in KID. I was 11 years-old than, and selling cigarette in front of the Hospital everyday where the power station was located.

    When I was 5 years old, I saw this one Khmer kid selling cigarettes in fron of the Main hospital near Lumpini.

    Could that kid be you? lol

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    I knew so many friends who came from Khao I Dang Camp to Pannat Nikom Camp. Because at that time, i was a member of Cao-Uy Xa hoi’s Thais. Cao Uy UN…

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    Rumtum — I was too young to remember much about that. Yeah, in section 8 I was close tot he fence line too. I think we run a long there often and tried to find a hole to cross lol. Yeah, but I did remember that they sent some people away. My family was lucky enough not to be among them. I think my family just got there in the late 1979 or early 1980.

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    I know my family stayed at KID in 1980 but i don’t remember much about that place….i was still young. But my understanding is that KID got worst and worst as time went by.

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    Yeah man..I am a product of KID 🙂
    Thanks for the info.

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