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    it is almost here.
    it is almost now.
    our own Khmer media player.
    i am almost done releasing the first alpha version.

    with so many media players in the market today, it is almost impossible to beat a product such as Microsoft Media Player which can handle all kind of file formats.
    and best of all, it’s free. πŸ™‚

    first design will not contained Angkor picture or the like.
    however, all Khmer folks will recognize that it is targeted for Khmer computer users.

    program will be able to run on all computer on this planet. that means, Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple, O/S, BSD. program will be able to play all kind of audio and video formats.

    support formats:
    -RealNetwork (RA & RN)
    -MPEG3 (mp3)
    -WMV (might have problem with Microsoft license agreement)
    -other formats may be supported later…i have to have permission first

    current nasty bug crashes the system if video goes full screen and come back to small screen. this is one nasty bug.

    the software will expect to be released first quarter of 2002. remember folks, i’m doing this on my spare time. so, it might be sooner or later. :p
    keep your toes cross.
    and of course, the software is free. πŸ™‚

    who interested in alpha test the software?

    –the Pretender…i am the programmer today.

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    Are you gonna make a Khmer Windows XP too?:D

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    [i]Originally posted by Khmer_Ryder[/i]
    [b]Are you gonna make a Khmer Windows XP too?:D[/b]

    not quite as complex. :p

    wellllllll, since i posted several hours ago, i got all the bugs killed!!! πŸ™‚

    now, it’s moving on to the “real” Khmer graphic interface.
    that’s the good news.
    the bad news is that i want to add more functionalities.
    that means more coding and more debugging…and of course, more time involved. πŸ˜‰

    the new additional objective of the software will
    allow user to convert files to any supported format listed on original post.

    example, user can convert song on CD to mp3.
    convert movie to internet streaming format or larger format such as DiVx, AVI or video CD. πŸ™‚

    the challenging part for myself is to animate the Khmer graphic.

    the little neat thing of the software is that when you launch the program, i want the graphic of nicely dress traditional dancer to say, “jom reap soor”.
    i will have to program for all the languages that i can speak but also randomly selected the language each time you launch the program.
    so, it won’t be jom reap soor for 50,000 times.
    that will be major annoying. πŸ™‚
    so, at one launch, the dancer might speak Khmer.
    next launch might speak French.
    next launch might speak Indonesian.
    next launch might speak Vietnamese, etc.
    because i am not a female, i have to record my voice and change the tone to make it sound like a female. πŸ™‚

    wait wait wait…ok, this is not a transvesite software!! :p

    –the Pretender…back to coding…dang! it is almost sunrise now. πŸ™‚

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    Sure….hook me up, I’ll test it……..

    I’m known for testing Beta…Alpha, delta…….you name it ..

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    Hook it…! Hook it…! I’ll test it out…! NO PROBLEMO…! So how will I be able to get it? Do you have a server that I can download it from? if so you know what to do…. Just go to my site and leave me a msg with the info on how I can get a hold of your prog. and I’ll go and test it out…. Hook it…! Hook it…!

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    is it just a skin with a khmer interface….

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    [i]Originally posted by Point_Dexter[/i]
    [b]is it just a skin with a khmer interface….[/b]

    every single code typed up by me.
    this version that i’m developing has no skin capability.
    however, it won’t be the same boring rectangular view.

    [i]Originally posted by Ah_Khmer[/i]
    [b]…So how will I be able to get it….[/b]


    for all the folks who are interested in testing this software and future software developed for Khmer community, contact me by email (it’s in my profile).

    i won’t be back to this site.
    too much stuff i gotta do for 2002.

    as part of the testers, you will become part of history.
    you will get to play with unique software before the world.
    also, you will be able to provide feedback and see your suggestions implemented in the final version.
    once the final version released, it will be also available for download from Microsoft website.

    anyhow, email me so that i have your email in my database.
    once the alpha and beta version available, you will be the first to be notified.

    thanks folks…
    happy new year and be happy,

    –the Pretender…signing off as Kanaw.

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