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    Have you ever thought about Khmer Novels. They were what kept Cambodia’s entertainment industry going from the 1940 till after the Khmer Rouge regime. After the Khmer Rouge regime, novels played a huge role in putting the Khmer culture back on feet. From 1980-1985, Mao Somnang wrote about 200 novels. From the late 80s through early 90s(1987-1995)she wrote more than 100 screen plays but then the Khmer movie industry collapsed once again in 1995 due to the desire of Thai Lakorns and so much Thai Lakorns being viewed by Cambodians. By the late 90s, Khmer novels and movies were at a very weak point, Thai movies and Khmer karaokes were Cambodia’s entertainment by then(1996-2003). Today, Mao Somnang is once again a novelist producing more and more stories. However,at 52,Mao Somnang says these days it takes her nearly a month to write a whole 150 page novel for as in the early 1980s when she was young, it only took her about 10 days to produce a novel.

    Old Khmer entertainers from past decades were quick, I don’t get why Cambodian entertainers these days are so slow and dependent too-Well, I mean there quick alright but mostly because their dependent.

    Is anyone familiar with the novel “Kolap Pailin”(1943) by Nhok Them or “Preah Athit Tmey Reah Nao Leu Pandei Jah”-The New Sun Shines Over The Old Territort(1961)? Any novels someone would like to briefly share?-include decade please?

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