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    I’d like to welcome every fanatic of Thai lakorns to this thread. All is welcome: whether you love, like, care a little about lakorns you are welcome to give your two cents. You are welcome to talk, give opinions(likes or dislikes), or ask questions about the past or present of any lakorns. Everybody who posts are a great asset to this thread. This is not a club, its an open forum for Thai lakorn addicts or to be’s or acute addicts. So, I WELCOME EVERYBODY!!!

    Ladies, if you have hot thai actors (new or old), don’t forget to post pics for our viewing pleasure. I want to drool on my keyboard. LoL If the pics are just too hot to be in this thread, please send it via pager ;)

    I will be sure to pass it on to who else wants to see. LoL

    Guys, vice versa…hot girls…we wanna see too :P

    Disclaimer(Refers to personal attacks on posters of this thread): If you are sipping on haterade and don’t have nice things to say in this thread please step out. I’m sure opinions will clash and drama will arise but make sure the war is out of here. This thread is user friendly =)

    Look back to the past threads. Links are provided, but don’t blame me if you can’t find anything. I, myself, am lost when I click on it =/




    Lakorns I’ve Watched:

    2006 List

    *Yul Pheak Jumpeak Sneah: Por N. and Morakot
    *Vunvaing Nung Srawmawl Chan: Kob and Stefan
    *Vimean See Chumpoo: Tye and Yardthip
    *Thnom Sneah: Ken and Ann T.
    *Sompov Meas: Chakrit and Joy Rinalee
    *Sneaha Kyom: Num and Janie
    *Sneaha Jraboke Jrabol: Kong and Ann T.
    *Sneah Smoss Smak: Bua Ford and Kade
    *Sneah Koub Chet: Willy McIntosh and Marsha
    *Sluk Cheur Jah Maic: Cee Siwat and Amy his real life GF.
    *Sa-op Nah Sraline Nah: Noon S. and Ta Warit
    *Reachany Somlane Meas: Joy S. and Paul
    *Pril Krom Preah Chan: Pat and Film
    *Preah Chan Bey Sach: Kong and Sirita
    *Preah Adith Mean Ta Muy: Tik and Janie
    *Prasath Amarith: Paul and Yardthip
    *Pky Bumpleur Maic: Noon W. and Por N.
    *Poom Krir Pka Muroy: Woot and Noon W.
    *Pchu Komhung: Aump P. and Oil
    *Onteak Sneah: Pepper and May F.
    *Neak Ky Preah Bort: Beam and Tong
    *Lessbong Dombey Oun: Mew and Pip
    *Lady Mahachun: Paula Taylor and Tye
    *Koun Kramom Chunnabot: Por S. and Numfon P.
    *Koun Komloss Kontoy Jungkran: Pip and Vicky Sunisa Jett
    *Koun Brasah Krow Mong: Joy S. and Chatchai
    *Kompul Sneah Kompul Kietagaw: Chakrit and Yardthip
    *Komnum Chet Srawmot Sneah: Pat and Por S.
    *Kolab Cut Pich: Joon and Marky
    *Kolab Kmao: Chakrit and Mew
    *Jumpup Sneah: Bua Ford and Andrew Gregson
    *Ha Slak Kchek Slang: Ae Isariya(sp?) and Tao Somchai
    *Kuang Dong Tonle: Oil and Noon W.
    *Love Strawberry: Tye and Yard

    2007 List

    *Teap Thyda Jumleak: Ta and Namfon P.
    *Teksakor Beysach: Por T. and Namfon P.
    *Neak Pross Ta Kol Songh: Bua and Aum A.
    *Jomroke Sneah Jomroke Tesakor: Chakrit and Joy S.
    *Mon Sneah Thyda Narak: Mann and Taew
    *Keo(cup) Pnake Bong: Tik and Cherry
    *Boros Kompul Libech: Film and Janie
    *Kroum Houn Jomleak: Tye and Some Girl
    *Bessdoung Sok Ga Lah: Mos and Aom
    *Kamatape Sneah: Puri and Pim ZaZa
    *Ptey Sneah: Go, Pat, Por T., Som, Ta, Meji, Mann, and Namfon P.
    *Parts of Khem and Por T and Au and Araya H. lakorn.
    *Labech Sneah Labang Pchea Baht: Chakrit and Kob
    *Mon Sneah Kromom: Mart and Noon S.
    *Neang Bin Muk: Cee Siwat and Aump P.
    *Jumna Besdoung: Au and Noon W.
    *Majass Satrey Som Thien: Ta Warit and Namfon P.
    *Yeay Mein Thal Muy: Aon and Marky
    *Tape Thyda Mouk Bass Sey: Janie, Benz, and Tye

    2008 List & More To Come…

    *Ken & Janie – Sneah Smoss Os Pee Duoung Jet
    *Ken & Vicky – Neak Seub Leg Som Ngot
    *Pepper & Ann Alisha – Pheakdey Mea Yea
    *Captain & Pim ZaZa – Teksagar Sneah
    *Por N. & Aump P. – Ku Snaeh Boppe
    *Cee Siwat & Pinky – Kon Chma Jakom Pich
    *Mart & Ann T. – Likit Kamatape
    *Nat & Pat – Chung Phao Kleng Kay Chao Huey Kleng Jet
    *Ta & Yard – Kolab Mean Ban La
    *Chakrit & Pat – Kompul Sneah Mafia
    *Num & Jui – Make Mean Soriya
    *Rome & Janie – Reartrey Nov Bongkok
    *Mart, Tye & Aff, Noon S. – Ro Dov Pka Sneah Reach
    *Pong & Bee – Sa Mot Rissaya
    *Paul & Pat – Ton Na Kam Sneah
    *Paul & Pancake – Vibat Morodok
    *Pong & Mam’Kat – Som Bot Sneaha
    *Mos & Araya – Duong Dara Nei Besdong (on pause)
    *Weir & Kwan – Ku Kop Harirtey (on pause)
    *Ken & Vicky – Neak Serb Lek Somngat
    *Aum A. & Cherry – Pjus Jet Rirsya (on pause, too boring)
    *Aum A. & Aff – Neak Tos Snaeha
    *Chatchai, Namfon K., Aon & Namfon P. – Rukkhajeat Snaeha (currently watching)
    *Rome, Noon S., Mart & Rita – Yutaneaka Rork Kupreng
    *Oil & Pancake – Vimean Neakreaj
    *Stefan & Kob – Nisai Snaeh
    *Cee Siwat & Noon W. – Phleng Snaeh Kbaeh Dara
    *Don’t know his name & Pinky – Psa Tirk Rolirk Snaeh (on pause)
    *Por T. & Pat – Bongkong Panher Ka’aek
    *Noi B., Benz, & Taya Rogers -Kanha Chhma Prey Teang Bei
    *Tye & Noon S. – Kanha Phadip Jojus

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    "Help me help you"
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    vak uhhhh

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    cool…do you guys like to watch thai/khmer boran movies/lakorn?

    what are the good ones out there?

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    [i]Originally posted by Korbelicious[/i]

    put a sock in it KORBEL :P

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    [i]Originally posted by Arprimm[/i]
    cool…do you guys like to watch thai/khmer boran movies/lakorn?

    what are the good ones out there?

    What are some lakorns that you and the others have watched in NTRY or BLUE DVD that Mayura hasn’t dubb. I’mma make a list of non-Mayura’s to watch. Thanks :D

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    I’m not 100% certain but I think the following interesting/popular lakorns were not dubbed by Mayura — listed in order of Khmer title / Thai title / starring characters:

    (asterisks indicate lakorns I have watched)

    *Besdong Leak Snaiy (Ntry) / Rahut Risaya / Paul & Noon W

    *Bau Snaiy Madek Mein Prab (PGD) / Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai / Bon & Poo

    *Knei Hul Romdane Hau (Blue Dvd) / Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang / Oil & Kwan

    Komloss Thikrong Kromom Srok Sraiy (Ntry) / Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So / Pepper & Ann Alicia

    Kromom Pdom Jomnong Snaiy (Blue Dvd) / Jompeak Prak Song Snaiy (Ntry) / Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk / Por N & Aom P

    *Labech Bonchoat Snaiy (Ntry) / Khon Luang Ruk / Arnas & Chompoo

    Labang Snaiy Kross Tnak (Blue Dvd) / Kom Kohn / Vee & Jui

    Labech Snaiy Bophey (Ntry) / Bou Pay Leh Rak / Por N & Aump

    Mouy Mern Snaiy Mouy Mern Soaup (Blue Dvd) / Prik Waan Namtarn Ped / Kong & Angie

    *Omnach Snaiy Pus Pol (Blue Dvd) / Sood Tae Fah Gumnode / Pip & Ja Jittapa

    *Snaiy Mean Kolabech (Ntry) / Leh Rai Ou Bai Rak / Chakrit & Kat English

    Snaiy Som Sgnat (Blue Dvd) / Rak Lork Lork Ya Bork Krai / Pepper & Jieb Prichita

    Snam Snaiy Ateytakal (Blue Dvd) / Roy Adit Hang Ruk / Bie & Mew

    Srawlanh Oun Krop Pael Velear (Blue Dvd) / Ruk Ter Took Wan / Ken & Aom P

    –> Wady, you are a Mayura fanatic so keep me updated on new releases by them will ya. I have only been watching Ntry and Blue Dvd so I don’t really get to track what Mayura is releasing these days. Thanks! :)

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    May I borrow someone’s lakorn? I don’t want to invest in all these dvds. :D

    "Help me help you"
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