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    The Lao Government and the Lao people seem to be less xenophobic than Cambodia, especially when it comes to dealing with Thailand, the closest neighbour of both countries. This will surely drive Laos towards modernisation in term of economy and infrastructure a lot faster than Cambodia.

    See this news

    Govt approves bridge budget

    Published on Mar 9, 2004

    The government yesterday approved Bt1.5 billion for the construction of a third Thai-Lao Bridge, this one linking Laos’ Huay Xai and Chiang Rai’s Chiang Khong district, said Sita Divari, the prime minister’s deputy secretary.

    Thailand would ask China to fund the other half of the Bt3-billion project, he told reporters after a meeting between Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and Songpong Mongkolwilai, an official of Laos’ prime minister’s office.

    The bridge across the Mekong River, which would be part of Route 3 linking Bangkok to Kun Ming, the capital of China’s Yunnan province, is aimed at facilitating the transportation of goods and people between Thailand, Laos and China.

    The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, which links Nong Khai with Laos’ Vientiane, was built in 1994 and so far is the only bridge to have been completed between the neighbouring countries. The second bridge, which would connect the Lao province of Savannakhet and Mukdahan, is due to open in 2006.

    A groundbreaking ceremony for the second bridge is scheduled to coincide with a joint cabinet meeting between Thailand and Laos between March 20 and 22. Thaksin and his Laotian counterpart, Boungnang Vorachit, will take a break from the meetings in Laos’ southern Champasak province and Ubon Ratchathani to preside over the groundbreaking.

    During the joint meeting, the governments plan to sign agreements on the construction of a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and to initiate a sister-cities relationship between Mukdahan and Savannakhet.

    In order to promote tourism, Sita said Laos also plans to relax border pass regulations to encourage more Thais to visit the country. He said Laos is considering waiving visa requirements for Thais by next year.

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    Theyre practically the same people. It figures. In any case, if they end up becoming allies, then they will still have us to deal with.

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    We Cambodian are more close to Japan

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    And the Japanese almost cut down all trees in Cambodia.

    To be honest, I think Japan is closer to Thailand or Laos than to Cambodia, Miss.

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    I don’t think you know Laos situation. Thailand and Cambodia is working together still eventhough they still hold the hate but they are working together. You have not seen Vietienne have you? The amount of tourist attraction in Cambodia surpass Laos. Also Cambodia made a top 50 ranks to travel in the world in the BBC station in Britain last year 2003 and also Lonely Planet’s top 5 places in 2003.

    This Laos girl just came back from Laos in 2003 and she said Laos is modern because it has basketball hoops and I asked her if they have anything else and she said no.

    I know Laotian people and they really hate the situation in their country alot, just like Khmers. Laos and Thailand, actually they still have tons of issues especially with Lands and Temples.

    Not only this but there is now a huge Vietnamese population in Laos way more than before, they all came to settled in Laos because the Government of Laos owed them for helping them to become a Communist state and driving the French out?

    Laos main investor is Vietnam
    Cambodia is Japan
    Vietnam is South Korea

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    listen taigger

    you think that lao will surpass cambodia, cambodia is walking and learning to run to be moderinize. Vietnam governemtn still hold on to lao, vis a vis hanoi, real politik. not from the books. what is real politik, i suggest you camp out with para soldiers, son sann forces during the resistance to drive vietnam out, cambodia can endure 3 million dead and strife and kick vietnam out, you think that cambodia will run slower than lao. you must be holding onto a cane and smoking yaba.

    i read your post and yes thailand has it beauty, but also check out asian fever from hustler, i seen alot of darkness too.

    also the population of lao is 5-7 million almost 1-2 million are vietnamese. there is no more royal family.

    cambodia can endure 3 million dead, a size of 3 nukes. starvation, a 500000 vietanmese soldiers vs. 60-70000 khmer fighters and yet kick vietnam out.

    dont underestatime the khmer heart sucka. lao and thai are basically the same. the essarn region is full of enthic lao. wont be surprise me if lao becomes a vietnam provice or a thai city by the next mellium.

    also burma ragoon is beautiful, i love the burmese people and i am delighted that the genearals of burma and cambodia can play golf together. i hope the soilders of cambodia and burma work together to strenthen our defense and learn tatics together. because if history was to repeated itself, thailand is the target.

    from a beloved khmer

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    Sources! I don’t have them because I do not collect sources I read different things on a daily basis ranging from Laos newspaper, Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, British, American, and more.

    Vietnam surpassing Cambodia ia more believable but for Laos, I know too much about our Neighboring Laos too believe your comments.

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    In response to camluverjoiu’s statement.

    History won’t repeat it again as we are getting more civilised (both economically and mentally). We won’t commit such stupid things again (well except for some maniacs like err … :-) really). If it was to happen, fat chance for Cambodia and Myanmar to win over Thailand. Have you ever witnessed the Thai Government buying weapons including missiles, liner, jet fighter airplanes, etc. during the past decades? Besides, Myanmar herself is still struggling fighting each other between the central Government and other minority troops. Cambodia is not on par with Thailand in term of military power (well, almost anything really).

    Obviously, your hold a destructive attitude for some extent. This is not a good thing at all for the world and human kind. Please try to think in a constructive way man.

    I brought this news up in order to ask us to look at ourselves. We need to co-operate with our immediate neighbours. Yes you can say that Cambodia wants to deal with Japan rather than Thailand or Vietnam, it’s okay for some extent. But don’t you realise how much Camdodia has to depend on her neighbours, especially Thailand and Vietnam? Cambodia and Myanmar merely have a few bucks worth of annual trade. Moreover, Myanmar and Thai Government are building up better relationship. Thailand and Laos are dealing with many projects and constructions. Thailand and Vietnam are getting closer to each other now both economically and culturally.

    Thai and Vietnamese can enter their counterpart country without a VISA. Next year Laos will join the club as well. It seems that Cambodia is lacking behind. Okay go and join with Japan. Do you think it works that way? Simply not!

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    you gotta be kidding me!

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