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    A traditional Khmer Girl was asked, “whats the best way to get with you?” The girl answers, “well, i dont like no baggy jeans guy yelling and whistling from his car for my phone number. i dont give away my phone number to just any guy. If a guy wants to have any sort of relationship with me, he was first approach me without dropping a line. He was be straight forward and sincere to even talk to me. Then he has to get to know me as a friend before we can date.”

    Most girls in here would say the same thing right? Well this is exactly what i say women are so full of bu1lsh*t! The hell you mean you dont give away your phone numbers to strangers huh? If the guy was fine, i bet it would be the girl who’s doing the hollering and whistling, eager to give away their phone number. Its true huh? Then theres another big lie-” get to know one another as friends then we can date.” If a girl says that she’s just saying “NO! YOURE UGLY GO AWAY.” why i say that? Because if their friend ask them out, they will say “NO” with the excuse being “I DONT WANT TO RUIN OUR FRIENDLY FRELATIONSHIP.” GUYS, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HEARD THAT EXCUSE EH?

    TRUTH IS, GIRLS JUST WANT TO DATE GUYS THAT THEIR IMMEDIATE COMMUNITY DOESNT KNOW! Why? So that can break all the khmer rules! They want to be touched, they want to be licked, they want to rub on the stick. This way, when the relationship goes bad, people in their community wouldnt know about the naughty things she does. This is actually a good thing! Now that we know girls are even more HORNY-ER than guys, we can use their sex drive on them. Yeah play the nice guy (but dont spend money. Cant put a price on love right?). Take her to the movies(so you can start feeling up her mini skirt :D ) Take her to the beach at night and have a romantic walk( long hugs on the beach on a cold nigh while your hands caress her butt :D ) On her birthday, get a huge table at a restaurant and buy lots of food. Be spontaneous and surprise the fsck(i went to sing on stage). If things work out, she’ll be the one singing later that night :D :)

    Now guys, hoes are easy but decent girls more difficult to get to play ball. If you want a challenge, go for someone who thinks “they all at”. You know the self righteous girls who lie about being well culture and respectful.

    Hey just some ideas i came up with. theyre suggestions so take it how ever you want to. Damn…my bowels are loose again…damn wat thai…damn hot boklahong…damn thai tea…have you ever sweat over a toilet seat? Send me a roll of your finest paper people! :D :D :D

    well reatrei sua say,


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    I think it’s both ways. About girls saying that they just want to be friends,it’s because they want to get to know the guy for who they are before making a decision to go out with him. How else are they gonna see the “Real him” There also has to be some chemistry with the guy or else it’s a no no. I mean for every girl, it doesn’t take that long to be able to detect if you are attracted to a certain guy or not. A person can’t help it if they are choosy or picky. I mean come on, people you are all lying when you say, personality is the most important. I’ll tell you truthfully, personality is one of the important qualities i look for in a guy of course he has to have a great personality, but to me it’s not the most important. I mean physical features play a role, we can deny it if we want. Don’t lie to yourselves, girls and guys out there. YOu know you gotta agree with me. Although physical appearance might not matter too much, they do play a big role in attraction. I mean how can you be attracted to someone just by their personality, the looks plays a major role too. I mean if looks don’t then why wouldn’t people settle with a person who has a good heart and a good person overall. See, there must be some attraction with the looks too and this is the truth. Speaking from a girl, if a guy is fine and asks for my number,i would give it to him. Hey it doesn’t hurt. OF course, i won’t be the one who calls him, cuz that’s just wrong. Don’t want to make it look like i’m desparate. It’s a guy ‘s role to call the girl. If he digs you, he will call you. Then I would get to know this guy, but if he turns out to be a jerk or pervert, he won’t be hearing from me again. if he’s a gentlemen and knows how to treat a girl right, then yes i would still see him. However many older adults have told me that, their relationship lasted because they started out as friends first and took it slow. In any case, it’s all about the attraction and chemistry. YOu are either into that person or not. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. IT’s by choose and sad to say, you have to respect the other person’s choice. Everyone has different taste in people. We are all different. Somehow, i know the right time come,everyone is sure to find their “Significant other” JUSt be patient okay.


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    You are just unbelievable! gosh, i wonder why ur always seeing the negatives in girls (lots of bad experiences with girls eh?) I do agree that some girls do lie to men , but the truth is she did it for a reason. And forever reason she has, u gotta respect her decision. We girls have no intention of hurting anyone. Believe it or not,most guys rather accept lies than the truth. I dont think u would feel so good if a girl say it straight to ur face that u arent good enuff for her. Lying is probably the best way to keep the friendly relationship or not to lower anyone’s self-esteem.
    girls do lie but not everyone of us does. when a girl comes with all sort of excuses just to get a guy away doesnt mean she’s lying. probably the excuse is “one” of the reasons y she doesnt want that particular guy. besides when get
    rejected by a girl shouldnt u know y she rejected u? i dont think anyone of u is so clueless to why a girl rejected u(and if u dont know why, dont u think the reasons is that u dont know her well enuff to date her?)

    as a girl who claims to be conservative and knows the khmer culture well, i can tell u that i never gave my fone number to any guy or did anything that’s disrespectful or anything that would ruin the family reputaion. the type of guy i would date is the one that’s known to public as the “good guy” ( the helpful, loving, understanding, a non-perverted type).

    hmmmmmmu better stop eating those thai chilis ..cus when u do u BS too much. U know so damn rite that not every girl is a liar and a faker that u’ve said. if u keep thinking that girls are “fakers”, that’s just how ur gonna seee every girl (including the most honest, innocent, and decent girls) nitey nite this so-called liar and a faker needs her beauty sleep :} so see ya later

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    hmmm….what a mouthful,

    “Neang kyom jie koun khmer….laor ngrass…nov tae pteh min jess der leng min jess tam ngae bross bross, rean gir somkan jeang.” (a fictitious quote from a fictitious girl)

    Is there such thing as a good girl? Us ladies… not whatever u think we may be, have qualities that are worth looking at and worth investing the time to know. We can play goody goody to our men…but if your willing to get to know more, then rather judging ahead..we may show more then what ur getting ur eyes and ears worth for. Whatever that u say about us goes for men too. And whatever we have to say to you men out there…we only speak the truth in the most possible nicest way. It’s only polite of us ladies. ;) That is what mother taught us.

    And for those appalling statements you make of us women…it could be true…but that of course is what you would like to hear coming out from our hidden naughtiness that’s been forwarned to keep covers by our mothers. Our “inside natural nature” comes out when we feel like it…just like when we get our pms…moods forever changing like a fluctuating chart. Men will never understand the moods that we get into. If this is so, then you hungry men who crave the naughty nature in us women…are likely to see it if you catch us in that mood of naughtiness. And then you men may be in for a ride to see that drop your mouth to the ground side of us come out. With nothing to say but just another mouthful. ;)


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    i dont think i need to comment on how pathetic that “opinion” is. btw, i thought you were leaving?

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    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optionable.

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    I’m not going to touch this with a ten foot pole. You can touch the tension with a butter knife. Cheers!!

    “With only my passion in my pocket, you still fell for me.”

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    as sad as it may seem.. i do agree with this post.. well most of it.
    but there are always excetions to the rule but in general.
    sometimes i think females are so.. fake. immaturea nd irrational..
    this goes to guys also. but,, what nuts says about that phone number thingy is so true..
    as a result it doesn’t hurt to be handsome..

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    hmm.. princess..
    what do you mean? Pain is inevitable, suffering is optionable.
    i would reverse the role here.. Pain is optional, suffering is inevitable.

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    we don’t lie we embelish!

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    Why are u so eager for Khmernutz to leave? is he too competitiive for u … or are u one of those gentlemen that thinks nutzy is a bad-mouth (but honest to girls and himself) type of guy? … i dont see anything wrong with the postings .. hmm i guess ppl always want they’re way … always wanting ppl to agree with their view on things eh?? hehe well
    talking trash in here is nothing.i dont see y u want him out of here so bad .. did he make a promise to leave? did he trash EVERYONE REAL BAD? does everyone want him out? well if all the answers arent “yes” then i dont see what’s wrong with khmernutz coming back.

    Survival of the fittest? wow the smarter ppl are the longer they can stay here or
    the ones that are too smart should leave?

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    the phone # thingy is only true in ur area .. but come to vancouver .. it’ll probably take u ten years to ask for a girl’s fone # … girls in certain areas arent the same as elsewhere

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    “Men lie the most. Women tell the biggest lies. A man’s lie is like, ‘I was at Tony’s house.’ A woman’s lie is like, ‘It’s your baby.'” – Chris Rock


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    > Damn…my bowels are loose again…damn wat thai…damn hot boklahong…damn thai
    > tea…have you ever sweat over a toilet seat? Send me a roll of your finest paper
    > people! :D :D :D

    I feel for you Sarin. It didn’t hit me that hard though :) haha. How much weight you lose from that workout?


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