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    These little girls need a lesson in female oppression I hope they get charged as adults. I am really annoyed that social media is being blamed again…I am not a fan of FB but how is this getting pass their parents?

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    Geesh its the parents and the child to be blame for this. I mean who reallly thinks of scheme that young to make a little bit of income. Only someone with a lack of morality could do this.

    When i was younger the only way i could make money on the side was mow grass for aunts/uncles and my neighbors.
    These kids today just lack basic human ethics, which probably was the cause of bad parenting or just peers.

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    I know. What a world.
    I actually work near the pimping house. Probably even been to that actual area since a friend of mine lives in one of those Walkley houses. I work on bank and walkley.

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