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    Hundreds flock to the Shah Alam museum in Malaysia to see an exhibit of a mummified mermaid. The hair is the only item that has been added onto the exhibit. The picture was taken by Azahan Roslil. The mermaid owner Safuan Abu Bakar was offered RM300k by an Australian but he rejected the offer claiming that the exhibit was too rare.

    The mermaid was tracked down from a neighbouring country and yellow rice was used to draw it to the surface. Safuan also welcomes any scientist or interested parties to conduct experiments to prove they were not genuine. The exhibition will be ending on October 4th 2006.

    How did the P-Team manage to capture a mermaid? Safuan said they tracked it down in a neighbouring country using mandram (magic) and yellow rice to draw it to the surface.

    “Everyone knows of mermaids but most of the time, these creatures are portrayed as beautiful young women. But we have yet to see one that fits this description.”

    A mermaid, he explained, is “born” maybe once in a thousand years.

    Safuan said the mermaid on display at the exhibition looks the same as it did when it was captured.

    “An Australian wanted to buy it for RM300,000, but we cannot sell something as rare and special as this.”

    Safuan said the paranormal team was formed in 1993 and its latest mission was to capture a jin two months ago.

    “During our missions, many of us have had bizarre and unexplainable experiences. But we pray and meditate before embarking on our missions and so far, none of us has been harmed.

    “Most of us are also vegetarians and undergo a lot of spiritual preparation.”

    Safuan said the most common supernatural being the team has encountered is the toyol.

    “Recently, a village was terrorised by a toyol and we assisted them in capturing the creature.

    “The funny thing is when a toyol steals from a person’s wallet, it would not take all the money, unlike a human who would steal everything.”

    Safuan said all the exhibits were real and he welcomed any scientist or interested party to conduct experiments to prove they were not genuine.

    “We have X-rays and DNA results to support our claims. Besides, some exhibits till today still emit the same smell as they did when we captured them.

    “There are beings in the seen and unseen world. For those who don’t believe … it’s up to them.”

    Another draw is the langsuir, which is said to be the flying vampire of Malaysia and can be only captured by those with strong spiritual powers.

    It is said that a woman becomes such a creature if she dies in childbirth, or from the shock of hearing that her child is stillborn.

    The Nyi Belorong or Nyai Blorong is represented as a beautiful female with the lower part of the body of a snake. The creature seduces the weak, especially men craving for riches.

    It is commonly known as the snake demoness of wealth.

    The jenglot is said to have existed before the dawn of man and has the same DNA and bone structure as humans. The creature is said to exist in China, Peru, Chile and Indonesia.

    Other exhibits include the toyol, which was caught trying to steal money from a man’s wallet, and a jin, which has the ability to transform into various forms.

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    wow is there any in srok khmer and dat flying vampire isnt that an “op”?

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    WOW! That’s awesome!
    I saw a mermaid statue in Cambodia, so I’m sure the mermaid also had been
    existed in Cambodia.

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    is this for real…..hard to believe

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    interesting…keep it coming.

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    I think, it’s a baby mermaid.

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    I never seen anyone die the way that mermaid hand sticking out, I’m sure someone sew up half fish and half baby, and mummerfied it. When people die naturally, the hand dont stick out like that.

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    When the fish died, it became dried.
    They just added the hair, I think the rest is true.

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    That mermaid looks small n freaky i thought mermaids suppose to be beautiful like in the…my dad used to tell me stories that if u ever see alive one they can actually kill you n it does exist well about 100 years ago.

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    ^^Who looks beautiful when they died?

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