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    How could somebody with much dust in the eyes, walking in fog ever see a light?

    How could somebody never tasted honey, knows that it is honey he taste?

    If you tell him sugared water for being honey he would take it for real. What do you think, are there many people who know real honey today? I don’t talk about honey which is almost everywhere sold, it might have some roots in real honey, mixed and prepared, put real honey is something different.

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    Neak Mean Bonn: Bright light, enlightenment, the Sun and the Moon:

    If Borameys are imperfect beings in this world, humans are the imperfect ones with very dark and extreme tiny light. With that tiny light, human in general could remember a few things in the past, but can see none to the future. Human is a being that comes with brain and eyes which lack torch light ability to see the present or beyond its narrow location. Human cannot deal with matters across time and space.

    Human lacks sufficient light, thus many are looking for enlightenment, a state that possesses enough light to deal with time and space. Buddha enlightenment was a success in finding that light from a human standpoint.

    Beings in the world who have strong and luminous light ready and followed along them are the Neak Mean Bonn. That is a reason to why Neak Mean Bonns are wanted by people around the world. They could see far to the past and the future, so that they likely know the correct ways to get to a desired future.

    Among the Neak Mean Bonns though, there are two beings that possess the most light. Answering my question of where my God Father and Mother reside, Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey said God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach is the Sun and Preah Karl is the Moon. To human, the Sun and the Moon are where light is coming from in days and nights!

    Besides being light sources, to my acquired and intuitive knowledge, the Sun and the Moon (my God parents) are the ones who have power to let a being get to a supreme light, the enlightenment. They control light and may or may not let anyone to it. That was why, I advised people (a KC friend who apparently interested in the subject of enlightenment a lot) not to swear at God if they look to cross to enlightenment. Why making noise to annoy crocodiles or pythons if one is to swim across the river. Better chance, according to Buddhism, would come from peaceful and quiet attempts, hoping for best lucks!!! Picking a fight with God is likely a mistake as there is clearly a mismatch.

    To human, the Sun is an unreachable place as it is too hot. If someone could reside up there, He must be extremely powerful to resist the instantaneous melting heat.

    The Moon is much friendlier to human as it is cool. My Goddess Mother Preah Karl advised me that it is easier to get enlightenment from Her than from My Father, the Sun. The Sun is harsh, she said. Your mother is more flexible and lovely!

    Having two top Neak Mean Bonns, namely the Sun and the Moon, as parents give me the most optimistic hope for more enlightenment. There is a Khmer saying which goes like tree leaves won’t fall far away from its stump. That is a Neak mean Bonn son would not fall far away from the bright light and enlightenment (of Neak Mean Bonn).

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    Once again, mean bon is not a matter of birth, it’s a matter of deeds and it’s not a static thing, it’s something that is changing, till the time one enters the stream (getting a noble one)

    To the Brahmin Vasettha

    Thus I heard. At one time the Blessed One lived in the forest of Icchànakala near the village Icchànakala. At that time many well-known brahmin householders lived in Icchànakala, such as the brahmins Chanki, Tàrukkha, Pokkharasàti, Jànussoni, Todeyya and other well-known brahmin householders.

    To the two young brahmins Vàseññha and Bhàradvàja while walking and wandering for exercise, this dispute arose. Friend, how does one become a brahmin [neak mean bon]. The young man Bhàradvàja said ßIf some one is unsoiled and undisturbed, on both the mother’s and father’s side as far back as seven generations he becomes a brahmin. û Young Vàseññha said, If some one becomes virtuous and endowed with good conduct, he becomes a brahminû. Neither of them could convince the other on this dispute, and young Vàseññha said to the young man Bhàradvàja Friend, Bhàradvàja, there is the recluse Gotama the son of the Sàkyas, gone forth from the Sàkya clan, his fame is spread in this manner. He is worthy, all knowing, endowed with knowledge and conduct, well gone, knower of the worlds, incomparable tamer of those to be tamed, Teacher of gods and men, enlightened and blessed. Let us approach him and ask this question, and as he explains it, let us both accept it. Young Bhàradvàja agreed to the young man Vàseññha’s suggestion. Then the two young men approached the Blessed One, exchanged friendly greetings, sat on a side and the young man Vàseññha addressed the Blessed One in verses.

    594. The two of us accept and acknowledge that we are learned in the three Vedas,
    I am a pupil of Pokkharasàti, and this young man of Tàrukkha.

    595. We both can recite the three Vedas completely,
    In explaining the meanings of words and grammar, we are like our teachers.

    596. O! Gotama, we have a dispute on birth.
    Bhàradvàja says by birth a Brahmin [neak mean bon] is made
    And I say by actions a Brahmin [neak mean bon] is made.

    597. Each of us could not convince the other
    We came to ask about it from the well-known all enlightned one

    598. When the moon has gone beyond waning, people encounter it with clasped hands,
    Likewise Gotama is worshipped with clasped hands by the world.

    599. The world is enlightened, we ask Gotama, does one become a brahmin [neak mean bon] by birth
    or else by actions? We do not know this, enlighten us so that we may know the brahmin.

    600. The Blessed One said:

    Vaseññha, I will tell you step by step how it happens,
    The classification of living things in this and other births.

    601. Look at the grass and trees, although they are not aware,
    This and the other have attributes peculiar to their births.

    602. So also insects, like grasshoppers and ants
    They have attributes peculiar to their births.

    603. Look at the animals small and large
    They have attributes peculiar to their births.

    604. Look at the serpents with long backs going on their bellies,
    They have attributes peculiar to their births.

    605. Look at the fish too, who find food in the water.
    They have attributes peculiar to their births.

    606. Look at the birds flying through the air.
    They have attributes peculiar to their births.

    607. Although these have various attributes, at birth,
    In humans various attributes are not evident at birth.

    608. They are not in the hair, head, ears or eyes
    Not in the mouth, nose, lips or eye-lashes

    609. Not in the neck, flanks stomach or back,
    Not in the buttocks, chest, pudendum, nor in the sexual intercourse.

    610. Not in the hands, feet, fingers or nails, nor in the knees and calves,
    Not in the hue or voice, by which to know their birth.

    611. In the individual bodies of humans, these are not evident,
    They are designated by the activities of humans.

    612. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood by looking after cattle,
    Vàseññha, know him as a farmer, not as a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    613. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood doing a craft,
    Vàseññha, know him as a craftsman, not as a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    614. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood by trading,
    Vàseññha, know him as a merchant, not as a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    615. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood working for others,
    Vàseññha, know him as a workman, not a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    616. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood out of what is not given,
    Vàseññha, know he is a robber, not a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    617. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood serving the king,
    Vàseññha, know he is a soldier, not a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    618. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood by advising the king,
    Vàseññha, know he is the adviser, not a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    619. Among humans whoever makes a livelihood
    enjoying the wealth of the village andcountry,
    Vàsseññhs, know he is the king, not a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    620. One born of a brahmin woman’s womb is not a brahmin [neak mean bon],
    By address, he is sir, he has defilements,
    When he has no defilements and no seizings, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    621. When all bonds are cut, if one is not worried,
    Bonds, cut and unyoked, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    622. Cutting the straps of interest and the present fetters,
    When the obstacles removed, is enlightened, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    623. If one endures scoldings and floggings without an angry mind,
    Develops patience and a lot of it. I callhim a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    624. Not angry, austere, virtuous not haughty
    With taming he bears the last body, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    625. Like water that does not stay on the lotus leaf,
    the mustard seed that slips from the tip of the
    rrow, When not soiled in sensuality, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    626. He understands unpleasantness, having diminished
    the self view here itself.
    When the load bandoned is unyoked, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    627. With deep wisdom becomes clever in the path andnon-path,
    When attained to the highest truth, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    628. Not soiled by householders or by those gone forth,
    When he becomes homeless with few desires, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    629. Giving up punishing living things infirm or firm,
    When he does not kill or hurt anyone, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    630. Among enemies without enmity,
    among those hurting the self, extinguished,
    When among the seizing without a seizing, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    631. Like mustard seeds on the tip of a sword, if his greed and hate,
    Measuring and malice fall away, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    632. Instructs without harsh words, bringing out the truth
    When he does not curse anybody, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    633. Long or short, small or large, agreeable or disagreeable,
    When he does not take anything not given, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    634. Is without desires for this world and the next,
    When without desires is unyoked, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    635. When he has no roosting places, knowing what should and should not be done,
    And has taken a dive in the deathless, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    636. Overcoming both bonds of merit and demerit
    Made pure, without grief, and not attached. Then I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    637. Like the extremely pure moon undisturbed and without stains,
    When the interest `to be’ is destroyed, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    638. Overcoming this difficult path of deluded existence, concentrates,
    Is fearless, doubts overcome, is extinguished without seizings, I call him a Brahmin [neak mean bon].

    639. Giving up sensuality, one goes forth as a homeless
    When his sensuous thoughts are destroyed, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    640. Giving up craving, one goes forth as a homeless.
    When his greedy thoughts are destroyed, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    641. Giving up the human yoke, overcomes the heavenly yoke,
    When he is unyoked, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    642. Giving up attachment and aversion is cooled and without seizings,
    When the hero wins over the whole world, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    643. Seeing the fading of beings and also their arising
    Is unsoiled, well gone and enlightened, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    644. His movements [1] are not known by gods heavenly musicians or humans,
    When desires destroyed, he becomes worthy, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    645. Has no defiling things in the past, afterwards or in the middle,
    When not defiled and not holding I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    646. The noble bull, the heroic great sage, the fearless winner,
    The bather, the enlightened one, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    647. Knowing earlier births, and seeing heavenly and hellish existences,
    Comes to the destruction of birth, I call him a brahmin [neak mean bon].

    648. The usual way of the world is to be planned about name and clan,
    But accumulated things meet coincidently, at the right time.

    649. Ignorantly entangled in views for a long time,
    The not knowing tell us, that by birth a brahmin is born.

    650. By birth a brahmin is not born, by birth a non-brahmin is not born,
    By actions a brahmin is born, by actions a non-brahmin is born.

    651. By actions a farmer is born, by actions a craftsman is born,
    By actions a merchant is born, by actions a workman is born.

    652. By actions a robber is born, by actions a soldier is born,
    By actions an adviser is born, by actions a king is born.

    653. Thus the wise see action as it really is,
    Seeing it dependently arise becomes clever in the results of actions.

    654. By actions the world rolls on, by actions the populace roll on,
    Beings bound to actions, go on, like the linch pin of the wheel.

    655. By austerities, leading the holy life, restraint and taming,
    By these a brahmin [neak mean bon] is born, that is the most noble brahmin [neak mean bon].

    656. Endowed with the three knowledges, appeased and rebirth destroyed
    Vàseññha know it as recognizing Brahmà and Sakha.

    When this was said the two young men Vàseññha and Bhàradvàja said thus to the Blessed One: Now we know good Gotama. It seems as though something overturned is re-installed, something covered is made manifest, As though the path is told to someone who has lost his way. It seems as though an oil lamp is lighted for the darkness, for those who have eyes to see forms. In various ways good Gotama has explained the

    Teaching. Now I take refuge in good Gotama, in the Teaching and the Community of bhikkhus. Good Gotama, remember us as disciples who have taken refuge from today until life lasts.

    And once again, to say “neak mean bon” is not good, because nobody mean anything. You can say “ban bon”, somebody who had done meritorious deeds. “Have/own merits” is simply silly as nothing is constant and underlies change, one does not even own him self.

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    I’d like to alert readers that starting at page 15 and on of this thread, there are unsolicited comments by a KC member by the name of hanzze. He does not like what this thread is about and post unrelated information. This member hanzze keeps posting unrelated materials which have nothing to do with Neak Mean Bonn matter which is the original topic I try to detail.

    I attempted to stop him from doing the uncivilized, disrespectful and out-of-subject postings many times. He has failed to respect the civilized way to communicate write/ post anything that his lowly educated mind thinks of.

    For readers who like to follow Neak Mean Bonn topic, please skip his stupid and out-of-subject comments. This way, you’d read about Neak Mean Bonn topic.
    Otherwise, readers who enjoy silly and out-of-subject contribution, his postings are there for you! By doing so, please do not blame me for getting confused :(

    My apology for the inconvenience. I however have no control on his disturbing behavior and on KC rules with regard to the uncivilized behavior.

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    Neak Mean Bonn: A very elite circle of around 50 beings in the whole world

    Following my question about how he could identify a Neak mean Bonn, I asked how many Neak Mean Bonn there are in the world.

    Preah Maha Sovannachey said Neak Mean Bonn in this whole world is a small circle of about 50 beings only. The top Neak mean Bonn is known in English as God, in Khmer and many other cultures as Preah In Sakkatevareach, Brahma, Shiva, Yehowa, the Sun…etc.

    I do not know all Neak Mean Bonn names in this world. I do know that there are at least three living human beings who have been classified as Neak Mean Bonn.

    As Neak Mean Bonn is a very elite circle of the world and perhaps many of them are NOT in human body form on earth, it is why they are rare and are sought after. With the very rare characteristic, they are to my knowledge very powerful and perhaps very valuable specie!

    In Preah Ko & Preah Keo & Dharma Trey Veda case, Neak Mean Bonns were wanted and sought after by the Thai who then successfully got them. Thailand grew well since as Neak Mean Bonns’ power radiated and generated peace and prosperity for them. As for the poor Cambodian who did not know how to secure Neak Mean Bonns, after having them, wars and poverty were routine words of history.

    A lesson learned from history is that the elite circle of Neak Mean Bonns may be rooted in Cambodia. They could serve other people who know how to deal with them also. Have Cambodians learned anything from the Preah Ko & Preah Keo & Dharma Trey Veda lesson?

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    Did you learn any thing since the first post here?

    No. Why? Because you put your ideas higher as what actually is. Not able to listen, to read and to learn. I, me, mine, you, yours, they… *smile*

    One needs to have done good merits in the past and step by step, one would be able to get free and be able to listen and learn. Pride is a very hindrance and a very indication of less understanding. The more deluded people are the more pride they are. Its a kind of refuge into pride (I, me, mine, ours…)

    Pleasure does not mean Bon (punna). But a slave of vedanea (feelings/vedana) will not understand.

    Here again the 10 meritorious actions, so that one would be able to listen and understand:

    The Ten Punna Kiriya Vatthu បុណ្យកិរិយាត្ថុ are:

    1. Dana (charity)​ទាន ចាគ
    2. Síla (morality)សីល គុណធម៏
    3. Bhávaná (meditation)​ភាវនា
    4. Apacayana (giving due respect to others)​អាបចយនៈ
    5. Veyyavaca (rendering service and assistance)​វេយ្យាវចូ
    6. Patti-Dana (sharing merits) បតិទាន
    7. Pattanumodhana (rejoicing at and appreciation of merits of others)​​បត្តិនុមោទនា
    8. Dhammassavana (listening to the Dhamma)ធម្មស្សវនៈ
    9. Dhammadesana (teaching the Dhamma to others)ធម្មទេសនា
    10. Ditthijukamma (right belief) ទិដ្ឌុជុកម្ម

    (in detail one can follow the link)

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    Neak mean Bonn: Preah Family

    Preah Maha Sovannachey also confirmed my previous finding that Neak Mean Bonns actually are Preah family which is composed of God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach/ Brahma/ Shiva, Kali/ Yehowa, Ganesha, Vishnu, Buddha Gautama, Buddha Metreya, Buddha Kaassapo, Buddha Kokkasantho, Buddha Neak Kummano, Jesus Christ, Preah Ko & Preah Keo, etc.

    Back in 2008, Lokyeay Mao in Pich Nil was among the first Borameys who helped providing light (knowledge, awareness) about Buddha history (in her word: Puth Pravat). It took me years after the telling to realize that Lokyeay Mao referred Neak Mean Bonn history as Buddha history. She was pointing that I have been part of Neak Mean Bonn/ Preah history and family.

    Parallel to Lokyeay Mao telling, other Borameys said one of my tasks is to find out all the family members, thus all Neak Mean Bonns.

    The word Preah in Cambodian denotes distinctive beings of worship status. Religious people around the world call their worship gods as Preah Buddha, Preah Shiva, Preah Prum/ Brahma, Preah Vishnu, Preah Jesus, Preah Allah, etc.

    Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey also confirmed my relationship with these Neak Mean Bonns. God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach and Preah Karl were my original parents, Buddhas and Christ were my uncles, and Preah Vishnu and Preah Keo are a part of me, etc.

    Neak Mean Bonn is Preah Family. For religious people, the word Preah denotes the highest and utmost respectful status.

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    Liar, storyteller and people-confuser are the most lowerst of all. There is nothing lower as somebody telling deliberated lies or use knowledge to confuse and manipulate people. That’s the game of Mara in the robe of Maya (trickiness).

    You might start to laugh if you remember the many family times of us.*smile* Or you would start to think…

    There actually is no being which has not been the father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter of Buddha Christ, Gods, Devas… once a time in the past, mommy!

    Mata Sutta: Mother

    At Savatthi. There the Blessed One said: “From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration. A beginning point is not evident, though beings hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving are transmigrating & wandering on. A being who has not been your mother at one time in the past is not easy to find… A being who has not been your father… your brother… your sister… your son… your daughter at one time in the past is not easy to find.

    “Why is that? From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration. A beginning point is not evident, though beings hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving are transmigrating & wandering on. Long have you thus experienced stress, experienced pain, experienced loss, swelling the cemeteries — enough to become disenchanted with all fabricated things, enough to become dispassionate, enough to be released.”

    Stay mindful or try to start to be a little mindful. It’s quite dangerous to be unmindful, very dangerous!

    I really recommend you to abstain from your confused “Neak Mean Bon” and start to practice honestly. They just use you. That’s their livelihood, they live from telling people such stories. If they would not do such nonsense, they would need to practice and even keep Vinaya. They are not willing to walk a noble path, that is what corruption is about. Somebody knowing the evil of his foolish deeds, would not do them. No need to support such nonsense, they might start to change their ways of thinking and maybe use there capacity for a wholesome live.

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    Neak Mean Bonn & Neak Ott Bonn & Neak Mean Bonn Tech:

    Unfortunately, as God created the universe and life, He did not create a total belief in Him. As of today, there is no consensus in believing in God. There are people who believe in Him and there also are people who do not.

    In Neak Mean Bonn matter, the lack of belief consensus is not any different. According to Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey, only people who have been related to with Boramey matter and belief would understand and support Neak Mean Bonn matters and businesses.

    This leaves a good majority of people with sciences and technology background out of Neak Mean Bonn matters as most of them never got educated in the bodiless and soul matters. Accordingly, there are plenty of people who do not have Bonn, merits. Unfortunately, they are part of Neak Ott Bonn (Ott = in Khmer: no, none or zero) or Neak Bonn Tech (Tech = In Khmer: little).

    The little or lack of Bonn explain that in the Mahanokor matter, Neak Mean Bonns are not to be the most popular person. Democracy or the most vote counts would not be Neak Mean Bonn specialty. The main Neak Mean Bonn is not to be in political party to fight for controlling of political power. This political task is to be left out to other less Neak Mean Bonns, Neak Ott Bonns or Neak Mean Bonn Tech.

    By not involving in dirty political parties, the main Neak Mean Bonn could lead all political parties in order to serve people right and well. Being above all political parties, he is not to be dirty with usual politics and dirty promises.

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    As noted before, there are 10 kinds of meritorious actions (twoe bon). The opposites naturally means bab (unwholesome actionsD).

    For instance: Charity (Dana, dean) is kusala (bon, meritorious, wholesome and the opposite is greedy (lobhea, tanha…) and is akusala (bab, bad, unwholesome).


    So there is the meritorious action (action by thought) of “Ditthijukamma (right belief) ទិដ្ឌុជុកម្ម “, which means cultivating right believe. Cultivating wrong believe is therefore akusala, a matter of unwholesome and a matter of wasting merits.


    So what is right believe?

    10. Ditthijukamma (Righteous Belief)

    Having righteous belief which is just, upright is called ditthijukamma (ditthi = belief, + uju kamma = uprightness). Belief in one’s view of things based on one’s intelligence. When the view is just and righteous, it is called samma ditthi (right understanding). If a wrong, it is called miccha ditthi (wrong understanding). Deeply consider the following:

    a) Good deeds versus evil deeds.
    b) The results of such deeds – adverse effects versus good effects.
    c) The present existence and the forthcoming ones due to one’s good or evil deeds.
    d) The Devas and Brahmas
    e) Those who practice the noble way and attain jhana abhinana or become Arahats.

    If after profound consideration, you find that the above five are realities, that they really exist, then you possess samma ditthi (right belief). This is also known ditthiju kamma or kammassakata Nana – knowing your deeds are your only assets and knowing the cause effect of one’s own deeds.

    If you reject all or one of the above five regarding them as not realities, that they do not really exist, you then possees miccha ditthi (wrong belief). When you reject the cause and effect of one’s deeds you are no more hesitant to take the lives of other beings. When you reject past and future lives, you are more and more inclined to believe in the Creator of the universe. We have ample evidence of the life of Buddha with historical proof; is the any such proof of the existence of a Creator?

    Don’t waste your merits, you will not gain anything what you might not lose and fall into big grief if you understand!

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    Neak Mean Bonn & Neak Ott Bonn & Neak Mean Bonn Tech (cont’d):

    The world was created to be with variety of species and kinds. In this manner, as a whole, there are around 50 Neak Mean Bonns, some trillion God/ Boramey believers and a few trillion of God/ Boramey non-believers. When I see a non-believer among so many trillion people, I have nothing to be surprise about. I saw similar proportion all my life.

    The world also was created to have winners, mediocre and losers as well. When I was a young student, I witnessed 999 students failed to get a high school diploma (Bacc II) while I graduated successfully. As an IT professional and as I got around a quarter million dollars a year while an average salary was around 50k, I had no surprise. Best number was for the best professional.

    When I talked face to face with God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach, Buddha Gautama and Jesus Christ while trillion of people only heard of Them, I had no surprise. Trillion of people would not really believe that. They never experienced such conversation in their lifetime or perhaps lives times. I knew I was fortunate to do so as I am used to the Neak mean Bonn elite circle and circumstances. I understand well how frustrated a person is when not being able to feel or understand the matter.

    Also, when I was the only person who was awarded the highest doctorate degree in the world, the Maha Bandit Preah In Sakkatevareach, I had no surprise. I was used to be in a small number of elites. I understand well that a lot of souls would not be able to conceive or believe that. Many times, I wish they would also be fortunate to experience the same thing in their life or entire existence.

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    Neak Mean Bonns: Why does the world want them?

    As always, we, human, ask what, why, when, where, or how about their existence as related to human business and life. This article/ thread already answered these questions in many forms already. This section tries to highlight them in another way.

    Possessing bright and luminous light and coming from an elite circle of about 50 individuals, Neak Mean Bonns are not just a few among billions of souls, they are supposedly coming with bright and luminous power as well. This Neak Mean Bonn power matter will be looked at in more details down the road. For now, this power could be felt by realizing that Neak Mean Bonns are of God family. They were sent to earth by God for a God mission. As God is Preah In Sakkatevareach who is the King of all devadas, humans and hells, Neak Mean Bonns/ divine missionary came with God blessing along with support and back up of all these three known world planes. According to what I have involved personally, Neak Mean Bonns get support and back up from the bodiless beings in term of Boramey mandarins and military who are serving under Preah In Sakkatevareach command.


    As God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach, the top Neak mean Bonn, started to do the divine intervention, thousands and millions of military and mandarin Borameys, invisible to our eyes, went to work to execute His plan. I have met and still communicate with several of them. I also have followed up their works mainly through result with my own personal and human means.

    Along with involved bodiless troops and mandarins, God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach_ as heavens, earth and hells King_ has uninvolved and indirect support force and mandarins in all these planes. If He ever needs extra help, He could summon any or all of them in heavens, hells in addition to earth. Neak mean Bonn power has nothing to compare with in human world. Neak Mean Bonn involvement brings with unrivaled supporting Borameys and extra-territorial military and mandarin forces that, in normal human time, do not bother any positive interference. Neak Mean Bonn intervention just brings super extra help!!!

    As an illustration of how useful Neak Mean Bonn power is, let’s look at a known case. In Cambodia present rapid progress case, Hun Sen government may be seen as the people who have gotten good work done. In reality that I am aware of, it is God and His workers who have done the good jobs away from our sight.


    Furthermore, with Neak Mean Bonn involvement, we get divine blessing and not cursing! To understand what a cursing could mean, look back at what happened in the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot time! Pol Pot and his entourage did work hard risking their lives for their belief of serving a nation. With Buddha Tumneay curses set, their hard work and risks were wasteful! Hard work would be productive with Neak Mean Bonn blessing and intervention.
    The world wants and seeks Neak mean Bonn to be a leader because His leadership comes with the divine blessing (versus curses) along with thousands and millions of bodiless and invisible troops and mandarins who faithfully execute His order. The result should be pleasant for the whole world.

    Without Neak Mean Bonns, the powerful invisible service and support may not be available. In this case, human only effort is at play. Furthermore, in curse cases such as Hitler or Pol pot/ Khmer Rouge all effort and sweat went down the drain along with life waste. Human effort without Neak Mean Bonns_ thus without divine and invisible leadership, service and support_ could be just wasteful and dangerous.


    The divine world wants Neak Mean Bonns perhaps because they are their elite missionaries who could get things done for them including leadership on earth. Buddha Gautama, Shiva or Jesus Christ has left outstanding spiritual leadership on earth. Other Neak Mean Bonns such as Preah Ko & Preah Keo, Jayavarman VII also has left spiritual, love and outstanding leadership and characters in Khmer heart as well.

    The human world wants Neak Mean Bonns perhaps because, according to the past, they have brought many good things that were extra beyond what human could have done alone. Human loved Neak Mean Bonns perhaps because they really brought good things such peace and prosperity to them at a time they needed those unavailable things badly.
    Reasonably speaking, we cannot say that human in the past was foolish. Cambodian traditional and mythical love and wish in and for Neak Mean Bonns were not without good reasons that today sciences and technologies could not comprehend!!!

    [i]Originally posted by reksmay[/i]

    I appreciate your bringing this phrase to the question. It is very helpful. I don’t have any technical version as you have sufficiently provided already. For the phrase itself, it encapsulates those various meanings. All we have to do is solidify them into the overall meaning.

    “Nek Mian Buon” is a phrase more closely to mean an Enlightened Being. An Enlightened Being is one who is endowed with merits, buon, who through his intelligence (panna) accrued them over eons of births and rebirths by various deeds like charity, building, etc. Without this panna, he cannot be the leader. Those who lack prajna (intelligence) as we know cannot sufficiently lead people into well being.

    One’s merits are one’s gifts. The intelligence to create one’s gifts is superior. Each of us has buon for without buon we cannot exist on Earth. It is a matter of relativity. And, that is what it is all about—relativity. Because of relativity as it is dependent on the variance of how we collect and or commit merits, this term could be applied to many people. “Nek mian buon” could apply to the Arahat, Arahan, Pudh Borisat, Maha Borisat, Preah Po-ti-satt. Each of these titles imply a certain level of intelligence accrued. Because of such intelligence, they are capable of leading themselves to well being as well as others. All these terms are more heavily lenient toward Buddhism. There is no way I can explain it without having it bias toward religion as Khmer culture derive their language and such through religious text and affiliation, which is Buddhism.

    The term applies to the stages of enlightenment. If a person has the intelligence to help others, then we can say he is “nek mian buon”. If through jeopardy he survived, then we say he is “nek mean buon” for without his merits (gifts, previous acts of intelligence), he wouldn’t have diverted catastrophe. If a person ultimately found the intelligence, we say “nek mian buon baan tras ding huuy” like a Buddha. “Nek mian buon” is a prerequisite stage to becoming ultimately enlightened as a buddha. In the case of The Buddha, he found enlightenment without a teacher, by Himself. With the case of a buddha, they need assistance like adhering to The Buddha’s precepts and teachings to find their own enlightenment.

    This is just my sense. I’m not literate in Khmer, I hope you forgive me.

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    Right view is the forerunner, and if there is no right view, even not at the amount of believe, there will be no gaining of wisdom and good actions (bon) are always determined by moha (delusion).
    So it also touches actions through speech:

    Its relation to the other factors of the path

    “And how is right view the forerunner? One discerns wrong speech as wrong speech, and right speech as right speech. And what is wrong speech? Lying, divisive tale-bearing, abusive speech, & idle chatter. This is wrong speech…

    “One tries to abandon wrong speech & to enter into right speech: This is one’s right effort. One is mindful to abandon wrong speech & to enter & remain in right speech: This is one’s right mindfulness. Thus these three qualities — right view, right effort, & right mindfulness — run & circle around right speech.”

    — MN 117

    and one could easily recognize who talks form a free heart and with wisdom and who just talks out of a selfish reason (my, me, I, mine, we, our, you, they…)

    Kinds of speech to be avoided by contemplatives

    “Whereas some brahmans and contemplatives, living off food given in faith, are addicted to talking about lowly topics such as these — talking about kings, robbers, ministers of state; armies, alarms, and battles; food and drink; clothing, furniture, garlands, and scents; relatives; vehicles; villages, towns, cities, the countryside; women and heroes; the gossip of the street and the well; tales of the dead; tales of diversity [philosophical discussions of the past and future], the creation of the world and of the sea, and talk of whether things exist or not — he abstains from talking about lowly topics such as these. This, too, is part of his virtue.

    So even if somebody does not have wisdom him/her self there are lot of hints and tips to find some orientation between tale-bearings and talk that could lead to a better live.

    Be mindful, and reflect carefully! It need a big amount of honesty to one self. There is no way to cheat others if one does not cheat one self first.

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    Neak Mean Bonns: What are they for?

    I had a chance to ask Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey divine reason of sending Neak Mean Bonns from heavens to earth from time to time. He said in my case, I have been sent to earth nine times so far in my entire existence. In all the nine reincarnations on earth, my divine mission has been the same!

    From Boramey perspective, a reason to send Neak Mean Bonn to earth from time to time is to restore good virtues which, like in last several centuries and right now, are in declining trend. One of the concerned virtues was continuing decline of gratitude toward parents. I have set aside a section of this tread dealing with Neak Mean Bonn restoration of good virtues, a reason to send Neak Mean Bonn down to earth and also a reason to re-establish a Mahanokor.

    In a market economy, people are too occupied with looking for more money which is a mean for them to get what they need or want. Money gives them the trading power with many needs and wants. In spending more time for the money, children have less time for parents who get less and less attention. Besides neglecting present birth parents, people also are careless of previous parents such as ancestors, personal Borameys and finally God.

    God created life while other ancestors such as Neak Ta, Borameys etc. have watched over it. Parents, to my understanding, include present and past lives’ mothers, fathers, ancestors and finally God (our original Parents/ Creators).

    Neak mean Bonns got sent here to earth to restore the important virtues, gratitude toward parents and other fatal missions such as keeping peace and prosperity to accommodate a sustainable environment for life. Neak Mean Bonns are important auxiliary personality in God work of creation and sustaining of life.

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    Neak Mean Bonns: How do they function?

    Several ”how” questions have been discussed throughout this article and related ones. This section only tries to highlight them in another way.

    Neak Mean Bonns were originated from God/ Preah family. They were sent down to earth for certain divine missions.

    In their missions, they apparently were not alone. They get services and support from God and Borameys who are all God’s associates.

    I have met God and several of his associates. God even assigned 7 of his top Borameys to be my protectors and servers. These top Borameys have kept me out of fatal harms and also been doing things to help get God mission go as He planned.

    While my eyes cannot see them and their actions, I feel that a lot of things are moving forward. Neak Mean Bonns appears to be assigned as a pivot post so that visible and invisible efforts are done.

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    Myths convergence:

    With the idea of Divine Intervention, one important notion laid out by many world foreseers such as the Frenchman – was convergence.

    I had a chance to check the notion with Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey. I asked him whether the two Khmer Myths, namely Preah Ko & Preah and Buddha Tumneay, would come true as I wondered. Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey answered yes to my question!

    In 2007, Preah Ko was out of Thai jail. I met him shortly afterward.

    In 2008, Preah Keo was freed by my Divine Father Preah Beida Mokot Pich, a Khmer Emperor of 3,200 years ago who went to stay at Prum plane. I met Preah Keo shortly afterward. Preah Beida Mokot was the one who pulled me into the Oudom Mahanokor project which would transform this poor Cambodia to be an empire again (the new Oudom Mahanokor Empire may be shaped a little different than what has been told in many histories).

    The Oudom Mahanokor was referred in Buddha Tumneay as Nokor Vongkot Borei which was supposed to have 120 countries as “satellite”. This satellite concept may just mean countries doing business with the new Khmer Empire, Nokor Vongkot Borei aka the Oudom Mahanokor.

    The two extremely old Khmer myths are now going to be converged not very long time from now. This is because Preah Ko & Preah Keo myth came true with the two main players came back to Cambodia. As of the third Neak Mean Bonn in Preah Ko & Preah Keo myth, namely the Trei Veda Bible, also surfaced out in the form of divine Panha Nhean that was partly revealed to me. The Trei Veda Bible actually is a set of formulas that Cambodia and Cambodians need to study and execute to transform this poor and tiny country to become an empire that goes on with peace and prosperity.

    With so many extraordinary things happening to Cambodia, I came to make sense why Preah Se-Ah Metrey Boramey who helped making a slogan for Cambodia tourism called “Cambodia, the Country of magic” (in Khmer: Kampuchea Acharaya). Present English translation as “Cambodia, the Country of wonders” is not NOT correct.

    As of the Cambodia new name of Nokor Vongkot Borei, I asked Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey what does it means. Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey said the correct name is Nokor Sokha Vongkot Borei with the Khmer word Sokha means peaceful.

    As of me who read the two myths since I was a boy and who has been pulled into many incredible telling and project, nothing is more excited to see that the two myths which have been part of what we always want come true.

    The convergence is startling to me personally as Cambodia, my homeland become the center of the world. We are where Divine Intervention and myth convergence happening!!!

    Neak Mean Bonns are working to make the convergence going as planned.

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    A city made of bones,
    plastered over with flesh & blood,
    whose hidden treasures are:
    pride & contempt,
    aging & death.

    Dhp 150

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    Myths convergence could be simply explained that the two Khmer myths, Preah Ko & Preah Keo and Buddha Tumneay (with Preah Bat Dharmic), turn true at apparently the same time.

    The two myths that have been part of Khmer dreams for generations meet at our generation, or more precisely less than a year. Preah Keo, the main actor, is actually Preah Bat Dharmic who has been sent down to earth to carry out the Divine Intervention, Dharma Tean, which is a main key to peace and prosperity for Cambodia, the region and the world.

    Dharma Tean is donation of Dharma which is laws and formula to carry out a country, region and the world for common goal of peace and prosperity. The laws and formula are given by God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach who is almost one million years old. He donates the laws and formula through His son, Preah Keo/ Preah Bat Dharmic who is going to turn Cambodia, a very poor and miserable tiny country in the world, to be a new Empire of Oudom Mahanokor or Nokor Vongkot Borei (as written in Buddha Tumneay).

    In Preah Ko & Preah Keo myth, there are three Neak Mean Bonn: Preah Ko, Preah Keo and the Trei Veda bible. I have met all of them, namely Preah Ko, Preah Keo and the divine Panha Nhean which is the Trei Veda bible.

    Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey confirmed this perception of mine. As a human, with advanced mathematics and scientific background, I am never sure of my own human Panha Nhean which is basically a very advanced perception that could be called as Panha Nhean. Doing checking and verification with very advanced and mature Borameys have been a way to validate that my perception/ Panha Nhean is not simply just a nonsense thought :)

    With the myths convergence, three (or four) mythic Neak Mean Bonns converge at apparently our present tense.

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    Neak Mean Bonn “powers”: Several Preah Puth

    In trying to understand Borameys and Neak Mean Bonn world, one needs to know different connotation when the same word Preah Puth (Buddha) is used.

    In Gautama Buddhism, Preah or Preah Puth (Buddha) means to general Cambodians well known worshipped names such as Preah Samanak Gautama, Preah Kokka Santho, Preah Neak Kummano, Preah Kassapo and Preah Seah-Metrey.

    In Boramey Buddhism though, Preah or Preah Puth means the above Buddhas as well as other Neak Mean Bonns such as God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach, Preah Karl, Preah Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Kali etc. The word Preah Puth (Buddha) here in Boramey Buddhism takes more of the literal meaning of the word Puth (Buddha) as knowledge. All Neak Mean Bonns do have a lot of knowledge as well as merits and finally powers. Generally, knowledge brings with know-hows to get things happen, thus power.

    Having lived close to a million of years, God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach apparently is the oldest Boramey and Neak Mean Bonn. He has seen, learned and experienced lots and lots of things. By simple deduction, He is the top Preah Puth as well as the top Neak Mean Bonn in the world.

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    Fantastic the nonsens you write and it seems that you do not have a little shame in doing so.

    “For the person who transgresses in one thing, I tell you, there is no evil deed that is not to be done. Which one thing? This: telling a deliberate lie.”

    The person who lies,
    who transgress in this one thing,
    transcending concern for the world beyond:
    there’s no evil he might not do.

    — Iti 25


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    Neak Mean Bonn “powers”: Preah power

    It has taken me several years to realize that Neak Mean Bonns are Preahs who are object of worship by millions and billions of lives. To understand this Neak Mean Bonn power, one needs to start thinking backward and recall that Neak Mean Bonn circle is Preah family which includes God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach & Goddess Yehowa, Buddhas, Jesus Christ, Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Kali, etc. These names command respect and worship from nearly all humanity. From human perspective, with the respect and worship credit in their hands, they could lead the whole humanity in any direction they see fit. From Neak Mean Bonns side, leadership has been with them since the beginning of time. God created and then maintained the world and insures that it will restart fresh in one day according to nature Dharma…

    Without much discussion, one could refresh his or her own memory that Buddha Gautama or Jesus Christ has a lot of powers because they have successfully lead millions of people to worship and follow them or their doctrine. In addition, one could think reasonably that God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach, Who is higher in the Neak Mean Bonn ladder, must have much more power!

    Normally human is careless of these Neak Mean Bonn power as it is hard to understand. At this time though, human has interest in the hard to see power as it is being re-applied to salvage human kind and its best virtues.

    Human world wants Neak Mean Bonn could simply be said as because human does not have the mighty power to move the world, or just earth, in a best direction for itself. Neak Mean Bonns come with mighty Borameys to steer human and the earth toward more pleasant outlooks.

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    Only to get sure that this nonsens does not go confim with what the Buddha taught and intented. We need to be aware, that there are many Buddhists and even monks participate on such rwrong views, but that has its cause by simply not uderstanding Dhamma, having not even the faith but seeking for worldy pleasure and at least fame. Caught by Mara in maya (illusion).
    If you like to change the world to a better, it would be good to start to practice and give up the ego-trips.


    (Trans, by Mrs. Rhys Davids, Kindred Sayings, Vol. I)

    The Exalted One was once staying among the Kosalese
    hi the Himalaya regions, dwelling hi a leaf-hut.

    Now as the Exalted One was meditating hi privacy, this
    thought arose hi his heart : ” Is it possible to exercise
    governance without smiting nor letting others slay, without
    conquering nor causing others to conquer, without sorrowing
    nor making others sorrow righteously ? ”

    Then Mara the evil one, discerning what was hi the mind
    of the Exalted One, drew near to him, and said : ” Let
    the Exalted One, lord, exercise governance, let the Blessed
    One rule without smiting nor letting others slay, without
    conquering nor causing others to conquer, without sorrowing
    nor making others sorrow, and therewithal ruling righteously.”

    ” Now what, O evil one, hast thou hi view, that thou speakest
    thus to me : ‘ Let the Exalted One exercise governance.
    Let the Blessed One rule righteously? ‘ ”

    ” Lord, the four stages to potency have by the Exalted
    One been developed, repeatedly practised, made a vehicle,
    established, persevered in, persisted in, well applied. Thus
    if the Exalted One were to wish the Himalaya, king of the
    mountains, to be gold, he might determine it to be so, and
    the mountain would become a mass of gold.”

    (The Exalted One)

    “And were the mountain all of shimmering gold,
    Not e’en twice reckoned would it be enough
    For one man’s wants. This let us learn
    To know, and shape our lives accordingly.
    He that hath suffering seen, and whence its source
    How should that man to sense-desires incline ?
    If he but understand rebirth’s substrate
    And know ; here hangs the world bound fast alway,
    He fain must work the bonds to eliminate.”

    Then Mara the evil one thought : ” The Exalted One
    knows me. The Blessed One knows me,” and sad and sorrow-
    ful he vanished there and then.

    We well!

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    Regarding Gods in Sakkatevareach:

    Great Brahmas (Maha brahma) -> One of this realm’s most famous inhabitants is the Great Brahma, a deity whose delusion leads him to regard himself as the all-powerful, all-seeing creator of the universe

    See more in The Thirty-one Planes of Existence and DN 11 in reagard of this illusioneted being.

    If you talk about the gods in the higherst realms: “Among its inhabitants is Brahma Sahampati, who begs the Buddha to teach Dhamma to the world (SN 6.1).”

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    Neak Mean Bonn “powers”: King power

    The power to lead by the top of the Neak Mean Bonn circle (the Preahs) is much more powerful when served and supported by millions and billions of bodiless Borameys comprising both military and mandarin servants that we, human, cannot see. The top Neak Mean Bonn, namely Preah In Sakkatevareach, is the King of Borameys. The top Neak Mean Bonn_ according to several religions_ rules the earth, heavens as well as hells.

    I have stunningly witnessed these powers through several of my own follow-ups and verifications. One good example I can bring up at this moment is the rapid progress happening in Cambodia during the last five years, a period that I have been aware of Neak mean Bonn involvement to prepare the start of the new Oudom Mahanokor aka Nokor Vongkot Borey. To my knowledge, thousands and millions of bodiless military and governmental Borameys are working hard under Preah In Sakkatevareach command to stabilize Cambodia and many other countries and also to lift people living standard away from poverty. Cambodia has been named one of the top countries having a fastest growing economy in the world in 2012. To my knowledge also, Cambodia would not have grown that fast without Neak Mean Bonn and Boramey intervention. To help see this bodiless contribution better, try to imagine what would the country still looked like prior to the intervention or with any curse!

    A fascinating fact to come is that we are only seeing the powers in preparation mode of the Mahanokor process. The actual project beginning was supposed to be starting soon and was supposed to be really startling as mentioned in Buddha Tumneay. Myself, I am looking forward to witness Neak Mean Bonn powers in their full potential. I’d like to see how peaceful and prosperous the powers could take Cambodian people and the world too.
    Answering my question about whether Preah Ko & Preah Keo and Buddha Tumneay myths would come true, Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey said YES. To understand what Neak Mean Bonn effect would be like, one needs to look into the two Khmer myths one more time!!!

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    You may like this movie I guess… *smile*

    Revolt of the Zombies (1936) – The Full Movie

    I really wish you that your movie finds a peacefull end my diffused friend. Otherwise you will be an actor in such a movie like above again.

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    Neak Mean Bonn “powers”: God power

    According to Christianity, God created the universe and human lives such as Adam and Eve. Hinduism says similar thing also.
    As the top Neak Mean Bonn Preah In Sakkatevareach and His wife are God, they have knowledge to create and sustain this universe and lives. This knowledge is a key to know-hows in cursing or blessing this world. Human like me does not know how to do these things.
    With the knowledge, They perhaps know well how things and lives go and could manage them to get what they see as peace and prosperity for all.

    As the matter has been discussed forever, God powers are beyond our human sight and perhaps imagination. With the dilemma though, when God decided to intervene by His own hands in humanity affairs, I can only think that there must be very important reasons, forceful actions and hopefully very good outcomes for this universe and lives. Neak Mean Bonn team leading by God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach cannot be anything else but mightily powerful.

    By human scale though, someone who has been accumulating knowledge or know-hows for almost a million years (Preah In Sakkatevareach’s age) must know A LOT and could do things that none of us, human, cannot. We are talking about power coming from this kind of individual and more power that we may not be able to comprehend.

    We are talking about God power intervening to get peace and prosperity for Cambodia and the whole world. We are talking about coming Khmer Nokor Vongkot Borei with Preah Bat Dharmik and Preah Ko & Preah Keo.

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    You might like to know that your movie is an old Camodian movie as well as it was always the same in history:

    Heinrich Himmler: The Nazi Hindu
    You might wonder about the similar story of Khmer-rouge and the similarity of your ideas, when you are able to think.

    Maybe you understand your movie and the suffering in the world as well as the confusion of similar people.

    The recept is always the same: Nationalism + a leader like a god + welfare for the whole world + silly people who believe such things

    Then you have for some days, after much suffering and worldempire wich curiosly always disapears as fast as it has grown, with all its pain, lamentation and suffering.

    Be carful my pride friend!

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    Neak Mean Bonn: peace and prosperity effect on Asia and the world

    Preah Ang Dechass answered my question with regard to Neak Mean Bonn effect on regional and world peace and prosperity.
    As to Asean organization, the Oudom Mahanokor matter _in light of the 3,200 years ago Ancient Mahanokor and the 12th century Jayavarman VII Mahanokor_ has been a puzzle to me and several other minds as to whether it is going to be a giant single country.

    Preah Ang Dechass said these Asean countries will stay free and independent. However, with Neak Mean Bonn actual work which will start not long from now, these countries will remain coordinated well so that no massive war destruction would happen among them any time soon. The Oudom Mahanokor Asean will be giant powers with many countries existing well together perhaps just like many states of the US in a federation form.

    As to the fierce competition between the USA and China as we have seen in economic as well as military sectors, Neak Mean Bonn real work will also smooth out conflicts. Neak Mean Bonn will also ease out conflicting claims on South China Sea islands. Furthermore, Neak Mean Bonn is going to be a catalyst for peaceful co-existence in Eastern Asia and the whole world.

    Neak Mean Bonns divine intervention seems set to prevent regional or world wars in addition to routine internal wars in Cambodia. The intervention seems also to open more opportunities for the USA to involve positively more in Cambodia if this superpower chose to. China was said to be a good brother of Cambodia as it has been for decades.

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    Let not a person revive the past
    Or on the future build his hopes;
    For the past has been left behind
    And the future has not been reached
    Instead with insight let him see
    Each presently arisen state;
    Let him know that and be sure of it,
    Invincibly, unshakeably.
    Today the effort must be made;
    Tomorrow Death may come, who knows?
    No bargain with Mortality
    Can keep him and his hordes away.
    But one who dwells thus ardently,
    Relentlessly, by day, by night-
    It is he, the Peaceful Sage has said
    Who has had a single excellent night.

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    Neak Mean Bonn: Continued care and attention within its circle:

    Preah Ang Dechass and Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey tellings were parallel to several of my Boramey knowledge prior to meeting them. In fact, in my first face to face conversation with God/ Preah Ang Tep Ek/ Preah In Sakkatevareach, He told me that I survived the Khmer Rouge regime and other mishaps so far because He has protected me all along. He also led me to America as well as back to Cambodia.
    I took note of His telling but did not understand much about the protection (as my eyes could not see it). Only after so much of personal interaction with Him and Borameys that I started to realize that as the top Neak Mean Bonn, He does care and pay lots of attention toward His Neak Mean Bonn son!

    From a modest family, my mother and over 40 descendants got killed in Khmer Rouge time. In that time, people of my educational and experience background got killed stupidly because we were educated and worked here and there in an intellectual kind of job. We were considered us as enemies of the proletariat (poorest people). At one time, the Khmer Rouge walked me to their killing camp. During the walk, a chief of a nearby village told the guys who walked me that it was not the right day which was supposed to be tomorrow. They were supposed to bring people in tomorrow, he said. I was then walked back to the village. That night as they brought me back to my hut for a temporary stay, I took a chance and ran away for my life!

    As I reflect back of what happened then, coupling with what I have seen interacting with the top Neak Mean Bonn and Borameys, I think that it could be possible that the nearby village chief act could be a direct or indirect intervention from the top Neak mean Bonn. I have seen Him get into human beings and acted as that person. No one could tell that the actor was Him, except when told to ahead like what I witnessed in many instance. Neak Mean Bonns and Borameys have ability and power to manage people and the world in their own ways that human cannot prove scientifically!

    I know that my above reflection could easily be classified by just anyone that it was a pure superstition. While I have no time for arguing this, I have certainly seen in my own eyes God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach came to act in several normal human bodies. He did not need a Rup like many Borameys as a mean to act like a human, He could get into anyone body and did what He wanted or needed to do. He is a super Boramey or real Superman.

    In several instances, for convincing myself of his told care and for team working tries, I invited Him to wedding ceremonies. He came and acted in regular humans who were dancers and singers. He also had another Boramey coming into another regular person at the same time. The known dancers and singers acted in dances and songs that their team was not aware before. Usually, Borameys need a formal Rup/ an intermediate to come in and act humanly.

    The nearby villager chief could actually be Him or a powerful Boramey He assigned to protect me. As in management sciences, a manager could assign or delegate tasks to subordinates. The top Neak Mean Bonn is actually the best Neak mean Bonn and Borameys manager in the world. An open affirmation of Neak Mean Bonn care caught my attention when I was first told, 34 years ago, of my Neak Mean Bonn status and had a couple Kid Borameys sent with me as I went to Cambodia and Thailand border camp prior to settling to America. The top Neak Mean Bonn, God, may not personally involve in the care. His Senas, Kid Borameys, did the care perhaps on His behalf.

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    Neak Mean Bonn: Continued care and attention to the world:

    Borameys, by definition, were originated from humans who were powerful before their death. At Yama/ Yumareach place, those souls were given a choice to either go along with Samsara, to be at where their merits would qualify them for, or to stay as Borameys and serve people. The powerful souls who remain Borameys took oath to serve human.

    Borameys got assigned to serve people and to provide continued care and attention as they were assigned for. Each of them had a mandate, an assignment just like assignment in a particular job in human world.

    All Borameys are ultimately under leadership of heavens, earth and hells King, Preah In Sakkatevareach who is also the top Neak Mean Bonn.

    It is helpful to mention about different kind of Borameys: the good ones and the bad ones. Borameys I have talked about so far are the good ones. According to their tellings, there are bad Borameys also, for instance, evils or Yaks, Asurakay etc.
    For the most part, I have been shield somehow by Neak Mean Bonn and good Borameys from the bad Borameys as I am not equipped to deal with the issue. My mandate/ assignment are not to deal with them. My entourage has been tasked to do so.

    My assignment is to assist God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach to provide peace and prosperity to Cambodia, the center of the new Oudom Mahanokor, Asia region and the world. God/ Preah In Sakkatevareach continues to provide care and attention to us and the whole world. His interference picks up strength fast under His direct commandment. According to Him, He is actively implementing the divine intervention. He said I will be active and working directly in my assignment not too long from now. He is setting up the stage for human to take care of its affairs!

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    Keep on going at this rate for another year will have your name in the Guinness World Record on the longest period one managed to talking to oneself on a message board

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    Neak Mean Bonn: the good virtues

    While good and bad virtues have been repeatedly discussed by countless religions and ethics around the world, I had an opportunity to get specific about the issue as they specifically apply to Neak Mean Bonn missions and in particular in the Mahanokor peace and prosperity ones.

    By Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey telling, the upcoming Oudom Mahanokor project is a divine effort/ project to establish the grandeur of the Ancient Mahanokor (around 3,200 years ago). I asked Preah Maha Sovannachey what the Ancient Mahanokor was like so that I could understand divine inspiration in the new (coming) Oudom Mahanokor.

    Preah Maha Sovannachey explained that, 3,500 years ago (about 200 years prior to the Ancient Mahanokor time), people were good and that now they are in the bad side. As I asked him to clarify the difference of the good and bad sides in people, Preah Maha Sovannachey said the following:

    3,500 years ago:

    People were grateful toward their parents.
    People did not have ambition in wanting others’ belongings.
    People shared foods which were plentiful and automatic (Mahoob tip).
    People did not get sick.


    People forget their parents.
    People want others’ belongings.
    People no longer share foods which, compared to the above past, are not abundant. In addition, people are geared by consumption of alcohol, toxic substance and wasteful foods.
    People get sick a lot.

    Preah Maha Sovannachey said that without God Intervention in the Mahanokor project, all good virtues continue to get shorter. The Oudom Mahanokor missions and goals are to get rid of the continued shortening and restore the old good virtues.
    As I reflected on the virtues, I found that it is really true that today kids tend to be occupied with their own life so much that their own parents and past parental effort to raise them up have no room in their life and time. They forget parents who worked so hard to raise them up and leave them some happy moments. They also have no time to think of their original parents (God) who gave them life!

    In their demanding lifestyle, they need new cars, house, TV, vacations, etc. that they always want others’ belongings such as dealer’s car, developer new house, manufacturer latest TV… and even others’ money. To get money to buy those others’ belongings, people need to go to work more and more, and have less and less time to take care of their parents and ancestors.
    Along with the continued want of others’ belonging, today people have limited buying power (limited amount of money) and have a need to safeguard their possession, thus unable to share foods freely. Therefore they need to lock up their foods for their personal consumption. In addition, for people who have nothing else better to do, drinking alcohol, consuming toxic stuff such as drug, and eating meat are ways to go to fill internal emptiness.

    With the new way of life in a market economy, people generate new diseases. Today people get sick a lot. New found drugs are geared toward temporary relief so that continued need generates drug manufacturers and doctors more money! Everyone is deeper in the degrading cycle of forgetting their parents.


    Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey said Malou leaves (betel) for chewing were about 10 times of present day size. Apparently, 3,500 years ago, the soil condition and weather were great that vegetation was actually generating great growth. Furthermore, 3,500 years ago, the world food could be at a good gathering stage which came before agriculture, industrialization and computer ages. Foods probably were everywhere for everyone to collect for immediate consumption without a need of stocking or locking them up. As foods were plenty, people were sharing them freely perhaps.

    Anyway, the above telling gives us a good idea of what inspired God and Borameys to intervene in human world in the Oudom Mahanokor project. We may not be sure of how much the project would have accomplished, we now know the idea behind the project and thought which simply lay out as having peace and prosperity goals.

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    [i]Originally posted by n_n1985[/i]
    Keep on going at this rate for another year will have your name in the Guinness World Record on the longest period one managed to talking to oneself on a message board

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    Neak Mean Bonn: Buddha Gautama ancestor virtues

    As I dwell into the subject of old good virtues in the Ancient Mahanokor time told by Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey, I start to understand better what Buddha Gautama meant by going by His ancestors virtues.

    I picked up the concept during my visit to India in 2011. I asked for some materials to read in my spare time. A Buddhist monk then got me a pile of books. In one of those books, there was an illustrated book Bout Buddha Gautama designed for young Buddhists. While I am not a young Buddhist any more, my scan of the book took me to a page telling about why Buddha Gautama wandered and begged for foods. As an American, I have been cultured to hate begging in public which is against the laws. This goes along with Marxist/ communist ideology of eliminating begging in society also.

    That Buddha Gautama page tells about His foods begging which wandered into His parents’ country in which He was born and left to study and became Buddha. Hearing reports that His royal son was begging in his country, Buddha’s father _the king_ was very mad. When the king came to meet Buddha, he said that we are king family of the country and we don’t beg foods from the poor and citizen.

    Buddha replied that He just follow His ancestors custom. The king then said that all your ancestors were kings and did not beg for foods.

    Buddha then replied that He referred to His ancestors who were previous Buddhas who all begged for foods. He said he followed His ancestor’s custom to re-establish old good virtues!

    Buddha Gautama telling about the old good virtues puzzled me for several months. I just could not get how begging acts could be good virtues while they are unlawful in the USA.

    Only after Preah Ang Maha Sovannachey’s telling about the Ancient Mahanokor virtues that I started to understand good virtues of begging. In fact, begging generates giving and thus sharing which is a result of prosperity and abundance. The new Oudom Mahanokor spirit which traces back to the Ancient Mahanokor is about prosperity and abundance for all so that food sharing, giving or begging would not be classified as unlawful.

    Neak Mean Bonn Gautama followed previous Buddhas and Neak Mean Bonn old good virtues.

    In Buddhism, good virtues are ideal qualifications for leaders of human species who are supposed to be better than animal. Love, kindness, sharing, helping, etc. are part of those qualifications.

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