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    13 years ago, an old acquaintance went to a fortune teller as she considered doing a business with me.

    The fortune teller told her that I was of very high caliber Boon, she said.

    I got the business from her then

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    Given all provided contributions plus quite a bit of analytical effort, I am still not getting much sense out of the Neak Mean Bonn use.

    Can anyone pitch in?

    What a Neak Mean Bonn is for?

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    A Neak Mean Bonn case: Preah Keo I

    A Preah Ko Preah Keo bilingual and thin book titled Preah Ko and Preah Keo ( published by Reyyum) called the two legendary icons Neak Mean Bonn (Cambodian version).

    In the legend, Preah Ko was born as a Boramey calf while Preah Keo was a normal human being. Preah Keo went through very sad life with a dead mother at birth, no milk to drink and got chased away by neighbors/ villagers for being in a weird family with calf as kid.

    As a boy, Preah Keo did not have enough food and was pressed by hunger to pick a few grains of rice that were stuck on banana leaves, thrown away by young cowboy kids. The banana leaves were used to wrap rice.

    The powerful Preah Ko had to spit out of his mouth divine foods with golden and silver plates/ spoons for the young hungry Preah Keo to eat. The divine food, golden and silver plates and spoons caused villagers to catch Preah Ko Preah Keo as they wanted the precious plates/ spoons as well as divine foods.

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    A Neak Mean Bonn case: Preah Keo II

    Following the escape from villagers, Preah Keo got to meet princess Neang Peou. Neang Peou got expelled from the palace, wandered in trees till she met her love, Preah Keo. The powerful Boramey Preah Ko then married the two and got a palace for the three of them to live in.

    The legendary story then came to betting games between Thai and Khmer kings. They bet their citizens and country in the game.

    Thai king won the first rooster fight game. The Khmer king, princess Neang Peou dad, asked for a rematch. Looking for a good rooster for the next betting game, the king subordinates found the expelled Neang Peou, Preah Keo and Preah Ko.

    Agreeing to help the king out, Preah Ko turned his bull body into a rooster. Preah Keo took his brother rooster to the game and beat the Thai rooster.

    Thai king then wanted to bet elephant fight game. Preah Ko then beat Thai elephant in similar manner as the above.

    Thai king wanted to bet in bull fight next. In this bet, Thai king made a mechanical bull to fight with the Khmer bull. Preah knew that he will not be able to defeat the mechanical bull. He told his bother Preah Keo and Neang Peou to stay nearby ready for an escape.

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    A Neak Mean Bonn case: Preah Keo III

    Unable to defeat Thai mechanical bull, Preah Ko ran to Preah Keo and Neang Peou who held his tail and the he flew away surprising everyone around.

    Having seen the miracle, Thai king wanted to catch and keep them.

    During this flight, Neang Peou could not hang on to Preah Ko tail long and then felt down and died. Indra then came and took Neang Peou soul to heavens.

    Preah Ko and Preah Keo landed at a fairly thick forest and hided there. “As soon as Preah Ko lived in that area, all the trees began to bear fresh fruit, charming flowers grew in the fields, and the animals behaved like good neighbors in a village, all living happily together”.

    Thai king wanted Preah Ko Preah Keo badly. He wanted to make his kingdom of Siam powerful. He had his soldiers chasing the two Khmer icons.

    Preah Ko Preah Keo went to hide in a thick bamboo forest of Longvek. Thai soldiers could not get through the thick bamboo forest and started to throw money coins into the forest to entice Khmer villagers to cut the bamboo forest out in order to collect the coins.

    With the bamboo thick forest gone, Thai soldiers came back to catch Preah Ko Preah Keo. The two brothers turned themselves into buffalos and disguise themselves with other buffalos. Thai soldiers then surrounded the buffalo herd with a rope made from buffalo skin. They then chase the buffalos who escaped by jumping over the buffalo skin ropes.

    Preah Ko Preah Keo, in buffalo bodies, did not dare to jump over the buffalo skin ropes because they were afraid to lose their divine power. They were caught, sworn at and took as prisoners to Thailand.

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    For those of you who are interested with Boramey, God Ganesha and Preah Ko Preah Keo etc, I am leaving some writngs at this Khmer site/ pages as well:


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    A Neak Mean Bonn case: Preah Keo IV

    “One night Preah Ko and Preah Keo managed to escape and returned to Cambodia. The Siamese soldiers once again chased them all over until they finally caught them again. This time, the soldiers did not dare to beat or taunt the two. Instead, they built a beautiful palace in the kingdom of Siam for Preah Ko and Preah Keo.

    They surrounded the palace with seven walls and hired good guards since they were always afraid that Preah Ko will try to escape again.

    The Siamese thought that for as long as Preah Ko stayed in their kingdom, they would have peace and prosperity. Thus, they have kept Preah Ko and Preah Keo in the kingdom of Siam from that time all the way until present, and Preah Ko and Preah Keo never again returned to Cambodia.”


    The above was written in the Reyum Publisher book.
    Preah Ko returned to Cambodia in 2009. I had a personal Boramey session with him after his escape.

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    to Veayoo,

    have you heard of the statue of Preah Ko that was found in 1980′s in Cambodia?

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    It appears to me that I heard something about the statute then. I cannot recall what it was.

    Could you help me refresh my poor memory?

    By the way, I plan to ask for another session with Preah Ko. You could help me ready with a few questions too.

    No guarantee that I will blessed with one. It would be up to him to answer or not too, as you know.

    [i]Originally posted by ——[/i]
    to Veayoo,

    have you heard of the statue of Preah Ko that was found in 1980′s in Cambodia?

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    A Neak Mean Bonn case: Preah Keo V

    Knowing well that Preah Ko Preah Keo legend has been loved very deeply by the Khmers and Cambodians, I am trying to extract out some aspects that I noticed as important to Preah Keo, the Neak Mean Bonn.

    I talked about Preah Keo, and not Preah Ko, because the younger brother was a human and did not show any magic power/ Bonn to start.

    This extraction is by no mean complete. This is just my personal and quick effort to answer the question what a Neak Mean Bonn was for?

    The status of Neak Mean Bonn got Preah Keo the followings.


    1. He got to be motherless at birth.

    2. No mother means no breast feeding and no milk.

    3. He got to move away from a normal village community.

    4. He got starve with no food and had to pick left over rice grains from bananas leaves to eat.

    5. He got to escape from villagers who wanted the divine foods, gold and silver plates and spoons.

    6. He got to escape as Preah Ko could not defeat Thai mechanical bull.

    7. He got caught and imprisoned by the Thai.

    A few lucks:

    1. He got to meet and marry Neang Peou, the princess.

    2. He got to live in a palace magically built by Preah Ko.

    3. He got to help Neang Peou’s father who involved in gambling with Thai king.

    4. He got to eat divine foods on gold and silver plates.

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