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    Its no secret here that i am labelled as THE MOST Notorious Women Hater (NWH). Of course mr. DonJuan and MapDaddie are also thrown into this NWH category and frankly, that isn’t the image we want to project guys. Hey lets end this fueding and finger pointing shall we? I dont care who’s right or who’s wrong, just end it. As the NWH president, i offer my most sincere apologies to all the women we offended. I will make a change, and i can only hope that my compatriots in hate crimes follow my lead. I shall start penciling positive comments on women in this forum from now on only to revert back to my old ways if another girl pisses me off.
    Speaking with the utmost sincerity, i beleive that khmer women here in the States are equivalent or even better than the khmer women in srok Khmer. Though the young women here lack culture and purity, they more than compensate the difference with their education and mental strength. We can argue all day reguarding which qualities are better but what that comes down to is personal preference. On a personal level, i dont care if a girl is educated or stupid, rich or poor, as long as she makes me blush with her smile, thats all that matters.


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