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    Rumor- http://kotaku.com/5896996/the-next-playstation-is-called-orbis-sources-say-here-are-the-details

    -Is called, or at least carries the working codename, “Orbis”.
    -Is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release.
    -Won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games.
    -Will lock new games to a PSN account as an anti-used games measure.
    -New games can be bought either on Blu-Ray or downloaded.
    -Current specs are an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU

    So long for used games

    Just like the next Xbox/Durango, we’ve heard from multiple sources that the Orbis will likewise have some kind of anti-used games measures built into the console. Here’s how our main source says it’s currently shaping up: new games for the system will be available one of two ways, either on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download (yes, even full retail titles). If you buy the disc, it must be locked to a single PSN account, after which you can play the game, save the whole thing to your HDD, or peg it as “downloaded” in your account history and be free to download it at a later date

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