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    During these tough times many companies are conducting preliminary phone screenings and phone interviews before you could even get your foot in the door.

    So what is it like? What kind of questions are asked and how long does it usually last? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Its very hard to get a job in now aday………But there’re alot of Jobs created in Canada, its 35,000 jobs avaible in canada……..Thats why the Canada $$$$$ is greater than the USA$$$$$$$
    I like it!!!!!!!!

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    I got a phone interview but I asked too much question and argued with the interviewer that she said the position is filled lolz.

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    It can be anything in a phone interview. Sometimes it’s general, and when you go in for the in person one, they drill the hell out of you. I would say treat it like any other interview, make sure you ask questions, and be prepared. Make sure you say thank you and show youre appreciation. It fills up time and people like to be appreciated. Nobody wants to hire a ungrateful basturd.

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