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    alot of bad stuff happenned to me this past year….car exploded in the middle of no where….i dropped out of college……$7000 in debt……my 12 year old niece SIDA drowned in washington state after saving her baby brother and lil cousins from a giant wave…..fights with friends and family….but this is what hurts me the most……

    i feel i deserve to be loved
    but you made me feel so bad
    first i was hurt
    but now im mad
    i want to hate you
    i act like i hate you
    but deep down inside i really miss you
    its been a while…..but i still think of you
    yeah i wish i can take back the things i said and done
    but will that change how you feel for me?
    will that change how i feel for you?
    honestly, i think youre stubborn as a mule
    you let your conscious overrule your heart
    i want you to know that im still the same guy from the first day we met
    still pure and warm
    but you wouldnt listen you wouldnt care
    to you, im just another guy
    but dont you forget
    this guy has always cherish you
    i know im a fool to fall for you
    i dont own a jewelry store or donut shops like the other mens who worship you
    all i could offer you was a burger and milk shake
    you ended up paying your own way and even paid for my movie tickets
    yeah im poor and i know i dont have the looks you want
    i guess thats really important to you huh?
    “personally is all that matters” huh?
    this is the biggest lie a woman can tell a man
    im a fool to believe you :(
    but i cant find it in my heart to truly hate you
    thank you for the bitter sweet memories of you and i
    neang men yol chet kyom te
    neang jear srei krop leak knong doung chet kyom
    tae gom oy bahp nis pratau tow teit
    som oy nesai yung daiht trong nis jos
    sama sam put toe

    speaking from the bottom of my heart,

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