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    I had a strange experience. It is only an experience that I felt truthful to me.

    Anyways, I felt that I was dieing. A voice spoke to me and told me that I was dieing. I could see myself over my body. The voice told me that I shouldn’t be afraid that I chose to end my life experience at that point, it was my decision before I entered this life.

    When I left into some sort of tunnel, It felt that I was a different sort of consciousness. This consciousness was the consciousness of everything that existed in my experience. So, consciousness of that universe, of the planet, of people, the plants and animals.

    It felt like my life was like a dream that ended. The many things in my life that I had experienced were all things of my creation.

    I being that consciousness that is separate from the ego.

    It was like the life you live is inside your own consciousness. The person you are is in your own consciousness and the people around you are a part of that consciousness. Everything is an illusion and only an experience created by that one consciousness, Which is you.

    The voice followed me and assured me. It was teaching me.

    It spoke to me with feeling and images. I think that is why it’s so hard to remember because it is not words that you can grasp, but feelings and images that are like a language of itself.

    The voice felt like it was part of me, but just higher evolved then I was.
    She said this this consciousness of ours is evolving into something. But, I don’t recall what it was. However, I feel that is something that is positive. I kept having the feeling of Buddha, Jesus and enlightenment. I figure that our conscious as a universe is heading towards that evolutionary stage as a whole.

    After that comes the strange part.

    I remember just seeing colors, but I felt like I was in some sort of Chair. And there were entities around me. They were not evil, but very loving. The female started to ask ask me questions about my life. Then I felt like they were downloading my information, my memories my experiences.

    I was told that the reason that they take my information is because my experiences are past onto them to learn and experience. They learn from the experience they get from us. After it was explained to me; I felt that I was also a part of them and my job was to experience this current reality and relay the experiences to them.

    During that time I felt like this was who I was really, it felt that the place I was in is true “reality”. I felt that good and evil don’t exist at all they are just creations for us to experience and evolve the consciousness. Like all the horrors that we see, the negativity, sorrow, and pain is all part of learning. The purpose of it is for our conscious to evolve. I was not afraid of evil because it was only my creation.

    Now the strangest thing was, I had felt that I saw beings that were ordinary humans, they were close to me they felt like my family. They were very happy that I was back.

    I remember someone asking,”So, how was the trip and he smiled and laughed”.

    I felt as though my life on earth was sort of a dream, and I just suddenly woke up into reality.

    What I felt was conveyed to me was that life is a “trip” we decide on how it is going to be and what it is going to be, and then we experience it.

    They asked me if I wanted to try something new, or if I wanted to continue down my current life. I told them that I want to still experience the life that I had.

    I got to choose where I wanted to go back too, which part of my life I wanted to experience. I saw memories of my Childhood to my current life. I chose my current point in my life because there were still things I wanted to do.

    When I awoke It felt like death isn’t real at all. We just wake up to the truth. There was no birth unless you wanted to experience it. We can choose to start another experience or continue with the one we had. We can start from any point. Almost like a movie, Since I wanted to continue with my life, I was put back to where I was.

    When I woke, I felt that the my life doesn’t exist outside of me, but inside me that even though I died, I cannot die, this place I was in is only inside of me.. It felt wonderful.
    However, the feeling faded and the my memories faded, the next morning.

    Now and then I recall bits and pieces, and I keep having the feeling that I died and that I was put back to where I was and living inside my own mind or consciousness.

    I tried my best to remember what happened because I wanted to know, it felt so real. It was not until I read a post by some else who experienced almost the same thing, I started to write it down and put as much as I could remember together.

    When I think about our consciousness evolving, It seems like at this level we are experiencing a certain reality, when it is time, we decide we choose to experience something new as a whole. Almost like when I had the choice to continue my life, or to choose something new.

    Or, it is only in death that we can chose to evolve our consciousness. Do we want to still experience this reality, or move on to something else.

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