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    And we’ll all see who CAN BE compatible with who. Those who think alike can be work well together. So let’s see who agrees with who.

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    you can actually describe what love is? I dont think u can.if u disagree with me, why dont u ask urself a question “what is it like to fall inlove?” How do you actually feel? it’s not actually all those happy feelings are they? People have doubts on everything … even if they are very sure that the other feels the same way. How can u describes feeling that u dont even understand? NO ONE that i know really knows love is … LOVE IS JUST LOVE.. love is way too complicated to describe with words so dont even bother wasting ur time describing what it means. When you reachthe point that you think you know enuff about love, keep it or express it to the one you love. it’s rediculous trying to say what you think of love to stangers and getting them all romantic because of all those nice feelings one described using words. Words are just words and words cannot describe what love is …

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    i did an editoral for my little brother about love. please dont ask me why i do his english homework.

    i got 1 of the paragraphs from asian avenue because it fits the tone of the paper.
    its funny though, these are actually my views on love, and my brother’s teacher thinks its his work. he’s 15, i dont think he’ll be thinking like this for a LONG TIME.

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    Well here I go again, chatting when I really should be studying. But I have to say it. Lately, our forums have been throwing the word “love” around a lot. Frankly I don’t think anyone knows what the word means in application to everyone else. It’s different from one person to the next. There is no universal defintion for that word; and to hear people use it so bluntly uneases me. I can pull up to a stop light and hear the car next to me playin my favorite song and I instantly think to myself, ooh I “love” that song. Is this the same love that pertains to emotions and affection I have towards my parents and siblings? Is this the same love I hold towards my friends? The answer lies within myself. I am happy to say that I cannot speak about love on the behalf of everyone because it is the personal and sacred attachement I have to describe it that makes it so beautiful. Cheers!!

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    Right on Kim. I certainly agree with you. :>


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    You’re partly right. I don’t think that love could ever be expressed in words. I know that I can’t, and if anyone could please let me be the first to know. My heart could express love, but my tongue will never be able to paint the meaning of love in words. It’s beyond any word could portray or convey the complicated image of this mystery. We would only have the privilege to experience this spice of life only if we’re in one. I’ve been in one, and I shamelessly admit that it tasted great. Just like chili pepper, it’s hot but it makes everything else taste great.


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