Thai Royal family are the richest in the world

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    Thai king world’s wealthiest royal according to Forbes

    Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world’s richest royal sovereign, and oil-rich Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi is far back at No. 2, Forbes magazine reported Thursday

    I was just wondering how can the Thai royal family be the richest royal family in the world? where did they get their money/gold from? How did they beat the oil-rich royal family of Abu Dhabi?

    Could it be result of the Preah Ko legend? When the Thai king got the Book of Knowledge from Preah Ko of how to run the country and be the richest?

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    ^ Very interesting. I know they are wealthy, but not this wealthy. Haha. I’m quite surprised really for not too long ago I watched a documentary on the Thai royal mahout—The monarch insisted that they train the elephants for battle even though there is no battle apparent just to keep the tradition of ancient war techniques in tact—was complaining that they got no funding from the government even though the government, the sovereigns insisted. Hmmmmm. Then, there was the latest strikes with the air-line and political upheaval not too long ago and still going on, how they are complaining about it would hurt the tourism industry. Geez. Just wondering as well.

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