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    Hello KC World! Love it or hate it, but peak 2 has started. So, to all the thai lakorn fanatics, post your reviews, pictures, latest gossips, or questions concerning your favorite koun thai here. Preferably translated in Mayura. =)

    I can’t believe what this has turned to with a simple question back in April of 2006. You know I never knew that people were responding because as I check back nothing but visits of the numbers of people showed up, but barely any posts. So, I totally forgot all about this especially with this month, five days after the thread was created it will be the week of celebrating Cambodian New Years. I wasn’t even thinking about this thread, I was like yeah, I’m going to get to eat bok la hong with sach khor ang and cha ka’tew with turk trey pa’em ja muy ta kac chous, hi nung prahet and watch the performances at the park. But that didn’t happen either. Instead my Grandma was submitted to the hospital in the Emergency Room. My phone was on call every second and that week of New Years the hospital was my second home. In and out with barely any sleep. Then bad news came on Friday the 14th. My Grandma left the world. All I could hear was crying and crying and crying. Now the Celebration of our Heritage has come to a bittersweet taste. It’ll always bring back memories of GrandMaMa. sighs*

    Anyways, sorry for that. But thanks to all those who have responded to the previous thread and made it what it is today. Three hundred pages strong and sets the record for the longest thread in KC history along with the other TLFC thread. WooOhOOo!

    So, did anybody wonder if my question was answered? Yup. I got the lakorn now. Thanks a bunch! :D It stars Ken and Aom called Sneah Niron. This lakorn will make you cry bucket of tears. It’s one of my all time favorite lakorn of 2006. A love story like no other.

    And if you guys need any reviews of the 2006 lakorn here’s my list of lakorns I watched in no particular order.

    *Yul Pheak Jumpeak Sneah: Por N. and Morakot

    *Vunvaing Nung Srawmawl Chan: Kob and Stefan

    *Vimean See Chumpoo: Tye and Yardthip

    *Thnom Sneah: Ken and Ann T.

    *Sompov Meas: Chakrit and Joy Rinalee

    *Sneaha Kyom: Num and Janie

    *Sneaha Jraboke Jrabol: Kong and Ann T.

    *Sneah Smoss Smak: Bua Ford and Kade

    *Sneah Koub Chet: Willy McIntosh and Marsha
    *Sluk Cheur Jah Maic: Cee Siwat and Amy his real life GF.

    *Sa-op Nah Sraline Nah: Noon and Tah

    *Reachany Somlane Meas: Joy S. and Paul

    *Pril Krom Preah Chan: Pat and Film

    *Preah Chan Bey Sach: Kong and Sirita

    *Preah Adith Mean Ta Muy: Tik and Janie

    *Prasath Amarith: Paul and Yardthip

    *Pky Bumpleur Maic: Noon and Por N.

    *Poom Krir Pka Muroy: Woot and Noon

    *Pchu Komhung: Aump P. and Oil

    *Onteak Sneah: Pepper and May F.

    *Neak Ky Preah Bort: Beam and Tong

    *Lessbong Dombey Oun: Mew and Pip

    *Lady Mahachun: Paula Taylor and Tye

    *Koun Kramom Chunnabot: Por S. and Numfon J.

    *Koun Komloss Kontoy Jungkran: Pip and Vicky Sunisa Jett

    *Koun Brasah Krow Mong: Joy S. and Chatchai

    *Kompul Sneah Kompul Kietagaw: Chakrit and Yardthip

    *Komnum Chet Srawmot Sneah: Pat and Por S.

    *Kolab Cut Pich: Joon and I think the girl is Marky

    *Kolab Kmao: Chakrit and Mew

    *Jumpup Sneah: Bua Ford and Andrew Gregson

    *Ha Slak Kchek Slang: Ae Isariya(sp?) and Tao Somchai

    *Kuang Dong Tonle: Oil and Noon

    *Love Strawberry: Tye and Yard

    Lakorns of 2007

    *Teap Thyda Jumleak: Tah and Numfon P.

    *Teksakor Beysach: Por T. and Numfon P.

    *Neak Pross Ta Kol Songh: Bua and Aum A.

    *Jomroke Sneah Jomroke Tesakor: Chakrit and Joy S.

    *Mon Sneah Thyda Narak: Mann and Taew

    *Keo(cup) Pnach Bong: Tik and Cherry

    *Boros Kompul Libech: Film and Janie

    If I’m forgetting anything pardon me, lol my hands are getting cold from typing :P

    And I’m currently watching:

    Kroum Houn Jomleak: Tye and Some Girl

    Bessdoung Sok Ga Lah: Mos and Aom

    Ladies and Gents, get the posting ^_^

    edit: To place pics of thors in the lakorns.

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    hooray, you’re here sawady…we missed you.

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    …finally peak 2 showed up. now bong ran out of gas and got nothing to say.

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    OMG, it’s about time! Sheshhhhh….jk! hahaahahaha, Wady…welcome back! It felt like forever, damn we all miss you and thank you for finally creating peak 2! There’s so many lakorns that I’ve been dying to share and discuss about. Okay, if anyone is curious….the thors in “May Phom Hait Nung May Kom Noy” is Tanya and this one dude. He’s a new star, he should have been thor rong and not thor aik. I am soo mad at Thai TV Channel 3 for making him the thor, he’s not cute at all…however I also understand that it’s a ‘srok srai’ movie, therefore they have to pick a thor guy who isn’t handsome, but hello..he’s freakin’ short (ewwwww)…he’s shorter than the thor girl (played by Tanya), especially when she wears heels. It’s a cool movie, not that bad!

    As for the ghost movie with Sririta and Saharat, it’s okay, I like the fact that the thor girl is a tomboy and she’s fiesty and can kick butt! It’s a ghost movie, but seems more like a comedy to me, sririta is so pretty in there. Well, the thor rong girl I think looks so much like “pancake”…eventhough it’s her or not, but that girl looks like her.

    As for Vimean See Chom Poo, the thor guy is so fione! Wady, his name is Tye? Did he star in any other lakorns besides that one? Is he a new thor? I haven’t seen him star in any other lakorn. Man, I’m gonna miss the old search for a thai movie, a lot of bonding took place there too. But thank you for creating a part 2.

    I shall continue later….Happy Holidays Everyone! :D

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    Yay, Peak 2 has been launched!!! Welcome back, Ms. Wady!!!

    Bong K ran out of gas, unbelievable! heheh. Actually, I’m out og gas too so I’ll be back later with my thoughts. Lol.

    Oh yeah, Ms. Wady, you’re welcome about Louis Koo. Has he kept you warm enough? ;) :D

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    Thank you ladies for the warm welcome. I’m glad to be back! :D

    haha Bong K, you out of gas? lol Hard to believe, more like you are refueling and will be back at it in less than a minute =P

    Vanna, I didn’t watch that lakorn with Tanya and that guy. Just because the thors weren’t that cute. lol. Plus, the thor guy is soOoo ka’turh looking. Not evening funny! lol

    As for Preah Chan Bey Sach, I thought you were referring to Rita’s Aunt in there, she looks more like Pancake. But her friend in the lakorn Nudie I think that’s her name, she’s adorable big old eyes I tell ya! The lakorn wasn’t scary, but I liked it. They made a good choice in placing Nudie with the lok kru lakorn they both have the big chubby cheeks with big eyes. They both remind me of those big dolls with curls and bulging eyes that pop out. hahaha

    As for Tye, yes I think he’s new. I just recently saw his lakorns this year.
    First one I saw was Lady Mahachun with Paula Taylor
    Vimean See Chompoo with Yardthip
    and the most recent one is with him and Yardthip in Love Strawberry

    lol Thanks Tabs! you will always be my fave for bring LOUIS to ME! lol.

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    While I’m at it, let me post some pics. This one is for Vanna. lol Tye’s hot, but too bad he’s taken. boo hoo =(

    He and his gf Mai have been together for 2 years. Pictures below.

    And as for Yardthip, she’s not my fave, but recently she’s everywhere. She’s really not pretty in Love Strawberry, I hate the bangs they gave her. And sometimes I think she can’t act. But she looks nice in her photoshoots I’ve encountered. And here are some I found that are quite different from the regular shoots I see in any of the celebs. More like dark and unique.

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    ahhhh! peak 2..been waiting forever..finally!!!!

    so..what’s new?

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    His name is Chaiya Mitree (I think) ahaha.. He used to play in Boran Lakorn (maybe he still does) like “Neang Tkol Meas” He also played with Sarunyu and Numfone in “Neay Hoy Ta-Min” and he got the first P’ek voice (by Mayura) in Luad Sarm See (Cheam 3 Por). My mom didn’t like him either but the storyline in Cheam 3 Por to them was pretty good so it kept them watching.

    [i]Originally posted by majesticgyrl[/i]
    Okay, if anyone is curious….the thors in “May Phom Hait Nung May Kom Noy” is Tanya and this one dude. He’s a new star, he should have been thor rong and not thor aik. I am soo mad at Thai TV Channel 3 for making him the thor, he’s not cute at all…however I also understand that it’s a ‘srok srai’ movie, therefore they have to pick a thor guy who isn’t handsome, but hello..he’s freakin’ short (ewwwww)…he’s shorter than the thor girl (played by Tanya), especially when she wears heels. It’s a cool movie, not that bad!

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    oh wow wady, that is soo nice of you to post all the lakorns of 2006, i did skip a few lakorns due to the thor, yes i admit some of the thor aik isnt all that great looking (what were the directors thinking? do they screen these actor/actresses before they cast them? oh, i need to stop)

    but anyways missy my cousin ask me if i wanna go to san diego next week. i am still thinking bout it. cause its either drive down there or fly. if i drive down there i will be alone…and if i fly there i am still alone…i do want to visit her though. i am still undecided, is this a good time to meet up? boy lately thats all i seem to think about, is which one of the tlfc girls will i get to meet next. so crazy! but at the same time exciting. :)

    yea, i agree yardtip does look nice in photo shoot, but sometime i dont find her that pretty in lakorn. she like to make that pouty looking facial expression, anybody notice that? (its kinda annoying- yea even if i like her and all, i can still find myself criticizing on my favorite actor and actresses too lol) just cant help it.

    tye played alot of other lakorns too but mayura hmmm i dont know what mayura is doing. although nang fah cyber is good so far, man but there a lots of ka-tuy in there, i think its jojo that played one of the ka-tuy part too. i dont mind if ppl are ka-tuy but there is way too many in this lakorn. i told my mom that they dug up so many actors and actresses for this lakorn which is true. if anyone have already seen will know what i mean.

    anyways if i dont get to come on here until after christmas i will wish everyone a safe and merry xmas!!! love you girls

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