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    This is taken from within the walls of the destroyed city of Pompeii. I was surprised how huge the anciet Roman city is. I thought it would be smaller. In the background you can see the culprit—Vesuvius. The volcano erupted on A.D. 79.

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    This is in Borneo.

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    This is The Tip of Borneo. Just northeast is the Philippine Islands. Strange monumnet but interesting place nontheless.

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    At the park “The Tip of Borneo” there is a sign reading “DO NOT ENTER” and of course I had to enter! So I climbed down the rocks and unto the beach. It was so cool! There are these caves in the cliffs full of bats! I did not dare take a picture of them. But here is a photo of the waterline at cliffs during low tide. I was fortunate to be there during low tide.

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    Muslim women of Kota Kinabalu.

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    A mosque outside of the city of Kota Kinabalu. The mosque is surrounded by water.

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    Last year i’ve made a roadtrip through the north of France. We’ve been to many places and many campsites. It was a nice trip and very new to me; the first time camping for me and we hadn’t arranged anything at all.
    Here are some pictures of the holiday:

    Yeah, we have bad weather over here…

    The ruins of Jumieges (Normandy) the frontside.

    The backsite of those ruins

    This was like camping in heaven for us… in the middle of an appleorchard! And yeah, there’s pom tjoe everywere… and i didn’t had any umbel meteh with me :(
    It was a cute campsite and so peacefull.

    The frontside of the palace of Versailles

    Garden of Versailles

    Cute citybuildings in Rouen

    Yeah, you know which tower this is :p

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    From my blog


    Last summer, I went to Europe with my brother. We went to see some relative in
    France and continued our tour with Contiki all over Europe except Scandinavian
    part of Europe. This coming summer, I’m going to finish off Scandinavian and

    We had good experience with Contiki (18-35 yo tour.) The tour is targeting young
    adult; thus, it’s really fun. We took two Contiki tours.  Here are the maps
    of the tour.  The green path is our tour.


    There were a lot of stuff we’ve gone through so you might just have to go
    with Contiki sometimes.   They introduce you to the best of things;
    the things that would get youngsters excited. 

    Here are pictures of my first tour, UK and Ireland:
    By the way, I just learned from this trip that UK is not just England but
    consists of 3 countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Opera De Garnier.  It’s the Phantom of Opera’s Opera house in Paris.

    Windsor, England. This is where queen Victoria goes on weekends. 

    A library building at Oxford University.  I’m standing on an underground

    Angel of the North in England.  The wings spread as wide as a Boeing 747

    The hotel in Liverpool, England that Titanic interior is designed based on.

    Edinburgh, Scotland. The white building is a mall. They build new
    constructions underground so that it doesn’t block the old town view.

    Military Tattoo. They perform during the summer inside the Castle, Edinburgh. 
    There are various groups from Chinese to Kiwi

    They project clips on the castle itself.

    View of Edinburgh from top of a high hill.

    Haggis. The famous traditional Scottish food made of sheep intestines. I
    tried a couple bites and I was done :)

    Meet the hairy cow (Scottish pronounce {cowe}). It’s so hairy and horny

    Highland, Scotland is really beautiful.  This is how it looks like all
    over the places.

    That’s our hotel down there.

    Loch ness Lake. Have you ever heard of Loch Ness Monster?  They actually
    have people station there to wait for Loch Ness Monster. :)

    The longest city name in the world is in Wales.

    The famous prison in Dublin, Ireland.  That one movie took place here. I
    forgot the title.

    We visited the Guinness (the black stuff) brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Please
    meet the founder of Guinness.

    Cliff of Moher, Ireland. The highest point is 700ft from the water and
    stretching about some 33Km. It might looks small in the picture but look at how
    tiny people are on the cliff. One time, there’s a dog falling into the water. He
    didn’t die.  Guess what his name is?

    People are lining up to kiss the Blarney stone. It is believed that you would
    become a great speaker after kissing it.  I don’t see it happens to me yet

    This is the statue of immigrant family leaving Ireland to start a new life. 
    In particular for this one, they’re going to America. This is queen’s town,
    Ireland.  It is the last port of call for Titanic.

    Somewhere in Ireland.  I forgot all them names but they’re beautiful…
    even more in real life.

    This is how London looks like :D


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    The Khmer Kampuchea Krom are very hard to escape for the VN Communist Regime. Because the border is sorrounded by the Viet Police Officers. If anything they catch…we KK are going to punish til death…If we lived there…we’ve no lives and hope in the future!!

    The Viet Communist Regime arrest our innocent KKs put into the jail or torture without considering and compassion at all…OMG! Please assist KK!!!


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    That dish does not look edible but I’ll try it anyways

    I guess you’re one of the people stationing there too huh?
    Can you imagine the Loch Ness right in front of you? *Burrr* :P

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, it’s awesome!

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    i miss europe.. thanks for posting the great reminders videl and rattanack :)

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    Well, this may I will visit Spain (Catalonia) for 1.5 week and in summer maybe Italy, so more Europe pictures to come :D

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    Here are some photos of recent trip to San Fransico and Lake Tahoe March 2007.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Chinatown, SF

    Fisherman’s Wharf

    Lake Tahoe

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    wow ngim….. lake tahoe is so pretty :) i never knew…. great pictures!

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    [i]Originally posted by nngau[/i]
    Here are some photos of recent trip to San Fransico and Lake Tahoe March 2007.

    Chinatown, SF

    what a nice looking group of ppl there HAHA.

    here’s some more pics from SF

    SF’s city hall

    Golden Gate Bridge

    another view of the bridge

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    Hello! I’m back from my Catalonia (Spain) trip and everything was great…the scenery, the food, the beach… I want to go back already :( Here are some pictures of my trip:

    Cityview of Barcelona

    I’ve visited Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) and this city is famous of the buildings of Gaudi.

    Park Güell (also by Gaudi)

    This is underneath that long bench of mosaic

    The Sagrada Familia, still unfinished :p

    Mountain Montserrat

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    I spent two months in Cambodia this summer doing a third year Khmer language study at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. I was amazed at how much deeper my relationships were this summer all because my khmer has improved. I was no longer just a “barotay” or “barang” but they looked at me as one of them. I was so happy when I saw their face light up with a smile upon hearing me speak Khmer to them. Like my other trips to Cambodia, when I left…I left a piece of myself and took a piece of Cambodia with me. Every day, every relationship brought about a change in perspective that I needed in my life.

    I took tons of photos, but don’t have the time to upload all of them yet. I hope you all enjoy!

    -Jason (“Jackson” in Cambodia)

    Koh Daik…across the Mekong in Phnom Penh

    Apsara Arts Association. Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh. Orphans who train in Cambodian Classical Dance

    Little Dancer at Apsara Arts Association

    A fishing village on the Tonle Sap

    Harvesting rice in Kandal Province

    Sunrise at Bayon

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    ^ Thanks for sharing, Jason. These pictures brought a smile to my face. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to go back to Cambodia.

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    i love coming to this thread….

    here are a few of my travels from this year…. sorry, no where toooo exciting, but a few great shots indeed.

    The Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, CO

    Public Market Center – Seattle, WA

    Queen Elizabeth Park – Vancouver, BC

    Jackson Square – New Orleans, LA

    Geno’s Steaks – Philadelphia, PA

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – NYC, NY

    Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington, D.C.

    The Breakers – Newport, RI

    Niagara Falls – Canada

    Taughannock Falls State Park – Ithaca, NY

    Longfellow Bridge – Boston, MA

    Cider Hill Farm – Amesbury, MA

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    Hey! You visited Rhode Island (my state)! When were you there and why?

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    “What were you doing there?

    This thread is awfully long. Someone knew how to start something that runs forever… since I started my hybernation.

    For travel, I went to a far away place called Cambodia. While I was there I tried the original Khmer palm tree beer, thinking about kc friends who brought me to joke about the mighty word palm, which could be a palm tree, a palm operating system, or the bare hand palms. Well, I was told to put my own palms to use. I was devastated…

    Hi Jezzi and every body. I hope things go well. [email protected]

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    First snow of the year, Waltham, MA

    Times Square Sanrio – Chinese New Year – NYC

    Toronto Islands – Toronto, ON

    Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington DC

    Rogers Centre – Toronto, ON

    Rideau Canal – Ottawa, ON

    Public Garden – Boston, MA

    Pier – Newport, RI

    Bryant Park – NYC

    Henry Chapman Mercer House – Doylestown, PA

    JFK Park – Philadelphia, PA

    Longfellow Bridge – Boston, MA

    Good Harbor Beach – Gloucester, MA

    Fenway Park – Boston, MA

    Harbor – Provincetown, MA

    Nauset Light Beach – Eastham, MA

    Plymouth Rock – Plymouth, MA

    Amagansett Beach – Amagansett, NY

    LongHouse Reserve – East Hampton, NY

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    I was kissing and kissing all the times…

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    Alsace, France was our weekend getaway.

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