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    A lot of history books claim that Buddhism came to Cambodia in the 14th century and it was the Siem/Thai that introduce Buddhism to Cambodia.

    well there’s a book call Asiatic Mythology(1932), is about a guy name M. Adhemard Leclere who travel all over Asia and read almost every Asian culture ancient text, including ancient Khmer text books.

    Here what he have to say about when Buddhism arrival in Cambodia.

    A purely Cambodian Legend makes the Buddha, A short time before his death, journey to Cambodia in company with his faithful disciple Ananda; they arrive, accroding to this legend, in the place call Kut Thlok, a name we have already observed as denoting ancient Cambodia.
    Other legends mention the arrival of scared texts brought from Ceylon in a junk and intended for the King of Vieng-Shan about the year 638 A.D. The junk having run ashore in Cambodia, the inhabitants took possession of these texts and deposited them in Angkor Wat. Purely legendary tales that recall the memory of the introduction of a religion coming from India. probably brought by Buddhist missionaires.[b] We may, however, note that in 638 A.D. Buddhism was already known in Cambodia, and the temple Angkor Wat not yet built.[/b]

    then he stated that Cambodian legend claim that Angkor Wat was built at the order of Preah En to serve as a palace for his son young prince Ket Mealea and to keep the Buddhism religion alive in Cambodia.

    if this is true then it mean when it come to Khmer people, Hindu & Buddhism is really the same religion. This also might explain why Angkor Wat can also be a Buddhist temple even tho it have Hindu god and Hindu epic all over it wall.

    and in his book he also mention a ancient Khmer book call the Kampi Preah Thomma Chhean, it talk about orgin of Human. What shock me was, it was kind of similar to the Bible origin of Human.

    Another Cambodian work, the Kampi Preah Thomma Chhean, teaches that in the beginning a form, rupa, existed in itself from all eternity, before birth of all things; the book call this form “the holy state of nothing and the void,” which is not greatly enlightening.
    Then the Preah Keo “Holy jewel” (perhaps a personification of the Sun) was born and in turn begat the earth, water, fire, the wind, space, human beings, and the animals. [b]This text makes man come from the dirt of the body Preah Thorni(The Earth), while woman was born from the shadow of man….[/b]

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